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Shops and markets in London

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London is still one of the most lively shopping cit­ies in the world. Within just a few minutes' walk you can find both vast department stores, with glittering window displays, and tiny, cluttered rooms where one customer almost fills the entire shop. Many of the most famous London shops are in Knightsbridge or Regent Street, where prices can be steep, but Oxford Street, which is packed with a huge number of shops offering quality goods at a range of prices, is also worth a visit.

The king of London's department stores, by tradition, is Harrod's, with its 300 departments and staff of about 4,000. The elaborately decorated, spectacular foodhall has splendid displays of fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables; other specialities include fashion for all ages, china and glass, electronics and kitchenware.

Though Harrod's is still just as popular, Londoners often head instead for nearby Harvey Nichols, which aims to stock the best of everything with the price tags to match. Clothes are particularly strong, with the emphasis firmly on very high fashion, with many talented British, European and American names repre­sented. There is also an impressive menswear section. The food hall, opened in 1992, is one of the most stylish in London.

Selfridge's vast building on Oxford Street houses everything from Gucci bags and Hermes scarves to household gadgets and bed-linen.

Marks and Spencer has come a long way since 1882 when Russian émigré Michael Marks had a stall in Leeds's Kirkgate market under the sign, "Don't ask the price — it's a penny!" It now has over 680 stores worldwide. It stocks reliable versions of more expen­sive clothes — Marks and Spencer's underwear in particular is a staple of the British wardrobe.

Meccas for those who enjoy searching for a bargain, London's colourful markets such as Brick Lane, Petticoat Lane and Portobello Road reflect also the vibrant street life with its enterprising multiracial community. Specialist shoppers will easily find streets crammed with antique shops, antiquarian booksellers and art galleries, the designer clothes and accessories shops. British designers excel in the opposite extremes of the market — traditional tailoring and street fashions.

Give English equivalents to the following word combinations:

блестеть; витрина; крошечный; загроможденный; очень высокий (о цене); кухонная утварь; ценник; стильный, модный; хозяйственно-бытовое оборудование; постельное бельё; лавка; главный предмет; удачная покупка; одежда, пошив одежды.


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