II. Match the words to make word combinations. Translate these word combinations in Russian.

  1. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  2. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  3. After studying the definitions above, use these new words in the sentences below.
  5. Answer these questions.
  6. Change these sentences by changing certain adjectives into verbs.
  8. Combinations with off and on
  9. Combinations with up
  10. Easy Life WORDS
1.world a.demand
2.economic b.balance
3.energy c.supply
4.global d.equality
5.population e.development
6.renewable f.growth
7.sex g.energy
8.work-life h.crisis

III. Complete the sentences with the words from the useful language.

1.They f.. that oil prices will increase considerably.

2.This plant needs the new e.. to replace the o.. one.

3.T.. will allow some people to do their jobs from home, so they can save money on f.. .

4.F.. gives you a chance to choose when you want to start and finish your work day.

5.Experts p.. that Russia is going to face an e.. c.. in few years, so its important to invest money in r.. energy using sources.

6.I took a c.. b.. for a year and travelled around the world.

7.World is facing the significant s.. of water, if nothing is done, situation will d

8.D.. the worlds p.. g.., population is d.. decreasing in Russia.

9.We need to increase our factorys p.. by installing new equipment.

10.This company has two r.. in every European city.



IV. What do you think mobile phones will look like in the future? What do you think theyll be used for? Read the text and see if it mentions any of your ideas.

The multipurpose phone the phone of the future.

(1)Its easy to imagine what mobile phones will look like in a year or two they will probably be smaller. But what will they look like ten or fifteen years from now? Perhaps, they will be so small that we wont be able to see them. We may have in jewellery such as rings, and fashion items like sunglasses.

(2)People in Japan can already use phones to buy things in shops. In some countries its also possible to use phone as train ticket or office pass. So, what new functions will phones have in future? One thing that is certain that phones will do more of the things than PCs do nowadays. Some people also think that we will use phone as house keys, passport, maps and computer games. The phone will be our remote control for life. In a decades time, many phones will have enough memory to video all of persons life.

(3)Companies are developing phones built into glasses. This will be useful when looking for directions a map will appear inside the glass of the lens. We might be able to use our phones to label people at a party or conference. Well never forget a name again.

(4)Some experts think that in the future well use our voice instead of our fingers to put data into a phone. Stuart Wolf, a professor at the University of Virginia, predicts that in 20 years time people will use their thoughts to communicate with each other. We wont need phones at all!

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