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Clever tactics for brilliant young managers.

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(1)“If you’re good enough, you’re old enough,” a team manager once said when giving Michael Oven, a first world-class goal scorer, his first international game at the age of 18. Is the same true in business?

(2)Young executives come back from business schools armed with big ideas. But these may or may not win support from colleagues.

So what are the practical steps young manages need to take in order to be welcomed?

(3)“The biggest challenge is the basic lack of experience,” says Steve Newhall, a management consultant. “This will affect how other people see you. You have got to have confidence in your ability to do the job. But remember that people around you may not share that opinion.”

(4)Young managers need to recognize their own weaknesses – and then do something about them. “You will need a good mentor straight away,” says Mr. Newhall, “someone who has plenty of experience and who gives you support and plenty of good advice.”

Some advice:

· (5)Act your age. Don’t try to look older than you are.

· (6)Avoid favoritism and cliques. Leaders win respect by treating people the same.

· (7)Build coalitions right away. Show your colleagues that you’re aware of your limited experience. And show that you’re interested in getting advice, too.

· (8)Keep a cool head even when you are under a lot of pressure. Some colleagues will expect you to crack. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

· (9)Show respect to older colleagues. They have seen many young ambitious people come and go. Draw on their experience.

· (10)Find the right balance between being enthusiastic and being over-confident. You have been selected for your youth and energy – draw on it. But don’t overdo it.

V. Find the words which mean the following:

1.To provide yourself or others with knowledge in order to complete a particular task. (para 2)

2.The physical or mental power or skill needed to do something (para 3)

3.To have the same opinion about something (para 3)

4.When someone or something is not strong or powerful (para 4)

5.Unfair support shown to one person or group, especially by someone in authority (para 6)

6.A small group of people who spend their time together and do not welcome other people into that group (para 6)

7.The joining together of different political parties or groups for a particular purpose, usually for a limited time (para 7)

8.To lose control of yourself because of stress (para 8)

9.Having a strong wish to be successful, powerful or rich (para 9)

10.To do something in a way that is too extreme (para 10)


VI. Find the English equivalent of the following Russia words and word combinations in the text:

1.мирового класса (para1)

2.консультант по менеджменту (para 3)

3.сразу, тотчас (para 4)

4.много (para 4)

5.получить совет (para 7)

6.рассудительно, хладнокровие (para 8)

7.использовать что-л., полагаться на что-л. (para 9)

VII. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the text:

1.Education is important but ……………………… experience is always an advantage.

2.The new CEO was ……………………… by all the employees.

3.His main ……………………… as a manager is a inability to delegate.

4.She kept a ……………………… ……………………… in order to win the competition and get a job.

5.There’s a ……………………… at work to never talks to never else.

VIII. Answer the following questions:

1.What can affect the way other people in a company see the young managers?

2.What should young managers do about their weaknesses according to Mr. Newhall?

3.Why do young managers need a mentor? How can he help them?


IX.Discussion points:

1.Which are the most important 3 pieces of advice?

2.What are they advantages of being a relatively young manager?

3.Do you think some extra training can help managers to adopt themselves to a new working place?



выражает долженствование, необходимость произвести действие.

а) В утвердительных предложениях:

You must phone home at once. Ты должен позвонить домой немедленно.
He must be at school now. Он должен быть в школе сейчас.
You must be back at 2 o’clock. В два ты должна вернуться.
You must meet them at the station. Ты должен встретить их на вокзале.


Этот глагол самый категоричный из глаголов долженствования, поэтому при выражении настоятельного совета или приглашения его можно переводить на русский язык словами: обязательно должен, непременно нужно.

You must see the play. Ты обязатель но должен посмотреть эту пьесу.
You must read this article. Вы непременно должны прочесть эту статью.



В сочетании с неперфектным инфинитивом выражение совета, желательности, рекомендации относительно настоящего или будущего.


He should sign the contract. Ему следует подписать контракт.


You should not do it. Тебе не следует этого делать.
You should not say such words. Вам не следует говорить такие слова.


Should I ask him about it? Мне (следует) спросить его об этом?
What should I do? Что я должен делать?



Употребляется для выражения предложения, совета. В этом значении could употребляется только в утвердительной форме.

You could spend your vacation in Hawaii. Ты можешь провести отпуск на Гаваи.  

X. What suggestions or advice could you give in this situation?

1.A friend asks about for an idea what to give to his boss when he goes to his house for dinner.

You could give chocolates. You mustn’t (shouldn’t ) bring flowers.

2.A new colleague wants to know the safest way to travel around your country. Are there any areas or types of transport she should avoid?

3.A friend is thinking about leaving her job as on office manager and starting her business running a small hotel. She wants to know what you think.

4.A colleague is asking for an idea where to entertain some new clients this evening.

5.A member of your family wins $35.000 and wants ideas about what to do with the money.

XI. Complete the sentences below using should or shouldn’t, must or mustn’t and the phrases given.

Speak to our boss, buy an expensive computer, be late, develop a website, stay three days, enroll in training program

1.Our employees aren’t experienced enough. (We should enroll them in some training program)

2.Our online business is bad.

3.The meeting is very important.

4.She wants to visit a lot of customers in Spain.

5.We have to cut costs.

6.Our team is working too many hours.

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