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History. Исследовательский проект учащихся 7-х классов

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Исследовательский проект учащихся 7-х классов

ГБОУ РМЭ «Лицей им. М.В. Ломоносова»

Scotland – Mari El –the unity of Cultures

The aim of the project is to study the most vivid features of the Scottish and the Mari cultures,

To find out similarities and prove that different nationalities may have common features

Слайд 2

TopicalityMembership of an ethnic group tends to be associated with shared cultural heritage, ancestry, history, homeland, language (dialect) or ideology, and with symbolic systems such as religion, mythology, and ritual, cuisine, dressing style, physical appearance, etc. So we are going to study some of these points and to prove that all nationalities have common features, which is important for understanding the world.

Слайд 3

Fact files of both countries

Scotland • Area • Population • Capital • Symbols • Patron saint • Nickname Mari El • Area • Population • Capital • Symbols • Patron saint • Nickname   • 78770 square kilometres • 5 mln • Edinburgh • Flag, Coat of Arms, Thistle • St. Andrew • Caledonia/Alba   • 23, 8 square kilometres • 690 000 • Yoshkar-Ola • Flag, Coat of Arms, Bear • Virgin Maria • The Land of Lakes  


Слайд 4


Scotland is situated on the island of Great Britain and its area is 78 770 square kilometers. Mari El is located almost in the centre of the European part of the Russian Federation. Both Scotland and Mari El have similar surface there are highlands and lowlands. Both countries can be named “lake districts” because of the great amount of lakes on their territories.

Believe or not, but there are 31000 lakes which are called lochs in Scotland. Most of them are quite small. The largest is Loch Lomond (71,1 sq km), the deepest is Loch Morar (the depth of it is 309 m), the most famous is Loch Ness because of the mystery of the monster.

• Scotland

• 31000 lakes – lochs

• The biggest – Loch Lomond 71,1 sq km

• The deepest – Loch Morar (309 m)

• The most famous – Loch Ness

Слайд 5


The amount of lakes in Mari El is less than in Scotland, but on such small territory there are 689 lakes. The largest is lake Yalchik which covers 195 hectares, the deepest is lake Tabashinskoye or Zryv, its depth is 56 m, the most famous lake in Mari El is Sea Eye lake ( Morskoi glaz) because of the colour of the water and the round shape of it.

• Mari El

• 689 lakes

• The biggest – Yalchik 1,8 sq km

• The deepest – Tabashinskoye (Zryv) (56 m)

• The most famous – Sea Eye Lake (Morskoy Glaz)

Слайд 6


Слайд 7 – картинки озер


Scotland is the most autonomous country of the United Kingdom; it has got its own parliament, legal system, education system and even its own national football team. Scotland was not a part of the UK for many centuries. The Romans never conquered Scotland. In the Middle Ages it became the united country. There were many wars between England and Scotland, but they could united only in 1707. In 1603, the Scottish king James VI, became a king of England and a century later Scotland and England were united.

Mari El was called autonomous till the 20th century. It also had its own government. The Mari people had also a long history of unity with Russia. Ancient Mari tribes have been known since the 5th century. Later their area became a tributary of the Volga Bulgaria and the Golden Horde. In 1440s it was incorporated into the Khanate of Kazan. In 1552 Ivan the Terrible joined the Mari area after the fall of Kazan. Then a period of 30-year-long cheremis wars began.

So both Scotland and Mari are quite autonomous, both countries tried to be independent and fought for it.


• The Scottish King James VI became king of England in 1603.

• Scotland & England united in 1707

• 1440s – was incorporated into the Khanate of Kazan

• 1552 after the fall of Kazan was occupied by Russia

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