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Task 5 (Letters 20-29)

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1. Read the text and find in it the words and word combinations from this list, supply them with Russian equivalents.

Word List 5


to rise in smb’s opinion


to be in command of the situation

to make up one’s mind

to run for president

to beat smb at smth


a plain girl

to limp



2. Remember the context in which they were used.

3. Answer the following questions:

1) What were Judy’s expectations for the summer?

2) How did Judy characterize and describe the farm and the people who lived on it?

3) What funny coincidence did Judy mention in her letter of July 12th (L 22)

4) How did Mrs Semple feel about Judy? Why had the girl risen very much in her opinion?

5) Why did Judy recommend Lock Willow as a health resort? Did she enjoy her summer on the farm?

6) What were Judy’s feelings on coming back to college and being a Sophomore?

7) Whom was Judy rooming with in her second year?

8) What did Judy tell her respondent about the election?

9) What subjects did she take during the second year? And why do you think she had chosen them?

10) How did Judy spend her Christmas vacation in her second year?

11) Did Judy enjoy her vacation at Sallie’s place?

12) How many people were there in the McBride family?

13) What did Mr McBride do for the employees’ children?

14) What did Judy wear at the dance?

15) What was she sorry about?

16) Why did Judy ask Daddy-Long-Legs if he could be terribly displeased in case she didn’t turn to be a Great Author but just a Plain Girl?

17) Why did Judy want to be just a Plain Girl?

18) Why did she spell these two words with capital letters?

19) Why was it difficult for the girls to entertain Uncle Jervis? How did they do it?

20) Did Judy feel a certain affection to Master Jervie?


4. Find sentences in the text to prove that:

– Judy was independent by nature;

– though Judy had become much more established in the world where she lived she was not used to being outside the John Grier Home yet;

– Judy enjoyed her summer on the farm;

– Judy cared for the Semples;

– she liked being in Sallie’s house;

– Judy felt a certain affection for Master Jervie.


5. Develop these ideas from Jerusha’s letters.

1. I’m sorry to think he (Master Jervie) is a Pendleton; he was meant for something better.

2. I am beginning to feel at home in the world – as though I really belonged in it and had not just crept in.

3. Think of Jerusha Abbott, late of the John Grier Home for Orphans, rooming with a Pendleton. This is a democratic country.

4. I walk from room to room and drink in the furnishings.


6. Comment on the following:

1. It is a pleasant sensation to come back to something familiar.

2. When women get their rights, men will have to look alive in order to keep theirs.

3. Packing your trunk and going away is more fun than staying behind.

4. It’s a relief not having to thank somebody for every mouthful you eat.

5. Julia hasn’t a bit of tact, and men require a great deal.


7. Act out the conversations between:

– Mrs Semple and her neighbour about what they think of Judy and her life on the farm;

– Sallie and Julia about Christmas that Sallie spent with Judy;

– Judy and Jimmy McBride about his sister’s running for president.


8. Get ready to speak on the following:

– Judy’s life on Lock Willow farm;

– Christmas vacation with the McBrides;

– Sallie’s running for the class president.


9. Write an essay on one of the topics from Ex. 6.




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