Task 6 (Letters 30-35)

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  2. Task 2 (Letters 1-5)
  3. Task 3 (Letters 6-11)
  4. Task 4 (Letters 12-19)
  5. Task 5 (Letters 20-29)
  6. TASK 8 (Letters 42-45)
  7. TASK 9 (Letters 46-51)


1. Read the text and find in it the words and word combinations from this list, supply them with Russian equivalents.

Word List 6

to graduate with honours

a contest, contestant

to devote smth to doing smth

to undermine

to change ones mind

to accept


to be great fun

to be outraged

to stamp out

to write smth off and on


2. Remember the context in which they were used.

3. Answer the following questions:

1) How did Judy describe the weather in Letter 30?

2) Why did Judy advise Daddy-Long-Legs to read Hamlet?

3) What prize did Judy win and why did she write And she a Sophomore! in Letter 31?

4) What were Judys impressions of New York? Why did the girls go to the city?

5) Can you remember any funny and embarrassing episodes that happened to Judy during her visit to New York? Why did Julia start getting quite interested in her?

6) Why did Judy decide to return a fifty-dollar cheque?

7) Why did Judy call herself a thousand-legged worm in Letter 34? Do you think she really owed Daddy an apology?

8) How did Judy describe Field Day?

9) What was her attitude to Jane Eyre?

10) How did she compare the John Grier Home to Lowood school?

11) What quality should all people possess in Judys opinion? Why? Did she have this quality herself? (L 35)

12) Why do you think Judy chose such a style at the end of Letter 35? How would you characterize it?


4. Find the sentences in the text to prove that:

Judy was a grateful person (if necessary you can use the material of the previous extracts as well);

Judy was an objective person; she could see and appreciate positive qualities even in people she didnt like very much;

Judy had an inborn ability to become a writer.


5. Develop these ideas from Judys letters.

1. Speaking of classics, have you ever read Hamlet? If you havent, do it right off. Its perfectly corking.

2. Ive been hearing about Shakespeare all my life, but I had no idea he really wrote so well; I always suspected him of going largely on his reputation.

3. Mercy! Isnt New York big? Do you mean to tell me that you actually live in all that confusion?

4. New York would rapidly undermine the fine stoical character which the John Grier Home so patiently built up.

5. I thought we were paying a social call, and started to shake hands, but it seems we were only buying hats

6. I say such funny things. I try hard not to, but they do pop out when Im surprised and Im surprised most of the time.

7. Its a dizzying experience, Daddy, to pass eighteen years in the John Grier Home, and then suddenly to be plunged into the world.

8. I never used to care much for men but Im changing my mind. (L 32)

9. I am alone, really with my back to the wall fighting the world and I get sort of gaspy when I think about it.

10. Wait until you see the orphan asylum that Im going to be the head of! Its my favorite play at night before I go to sleep.


6. Comment on the following:

1) I cant imagine any joy in life greater than sitting down in front of a mirror and buying any hat you chose without having first to consider the price.

2) I would rather not accept any more charity than I have to. I cant accept any more money than I have to, because some day I shall be wanting to pay it back.

3) I dont think children ought to know the meaning of the word duty. They ought to do everything from love.

4) I think that everyone, no matter how many troubles he may have, when he grows up, ought to have a happy childhood to look back upon.

5) Everybody likes a few surprises; its a perfectly natural human craving.

6) I think that the most necessary quality for any person to have is imagination. It makes people able to put themselves in other peoples places. It makes them kind and sympathetic and understanding. It ought to be cultivated in children.


7. Imagine that you are Julia and describe Judys impressions of New York shops, restaurants, theatres and the city itself to one of your friends (use Word List).

8. Act out a conversation between:

Judy and Sallie coming back to college from their visit to New York;

Julia and Sallie discussing Judys strange behavior during the trip to New York


9. Get ready to discuss the following:

What would you do if you had a chance to go to New York in 1910-1915? Nowadays?


10. Write an essay on one of the topics from Ex. 6.




Mr. Daddy-Long-Legs Smith,

SIR: Having completed the study of argumentation and the science of dividing a thesis into heads, I have decided to adopt the following form for letter-writing. It contains all necessary facts, but no unnecessary verbiage.

I. We had written examinations this week in:

A. Chemistry.

B. History.

II. A new dormitory is being built.

A. Its material is:

(a) red brick.

(b) grey stone.

B. Its capacity will be:

(a) one dean, five instructors.

(b) two hundred girls.

(c) one housekeeper, three cooks, twenty waitresses, twenty chambermaids.

III. We had junket for dessert tonight.

IV. I am writing a special topic upon the Sources of Shakespeare's Plays.

V. Lou McMahon slipped and fell this afternoon at basketball, and she:

A. Dislocated her shoulder.

B. Bruised her knee.

VI. I have a new hat trimmed with:

A. Blue velvet ribbon.

B. Two blue quills.

C. Three red pompoms.

VII. It is half past nine.

VIII. Good night.





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