TASK 8 (Letters 42-45)

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  2. Task 2 (Letters 1-5)
  3. Task 3 (Letters 6-11)
  4. Task 4 (Letters 12-19)
  5. Task 5 (Letters 20-29)
  6. Task 6 (Letters 30-35)
  7. TASK 9 (Letters 46-51)



1. Read the text and find in it the words and word combinations from this list, supply them with Russian equivalents.

Word List 8

to pamper

to pick smth or smb out


to boss smb

to get caught in a storm

to pay taxes

to show smb off

to move in the same social circles

unseasoned food

to be a burden to smb

to be indebted

to pay ones debts

to award smb of smth

to deprive smb of smth

to give in to smbs whims


2. Remember the context in which they were used.

3. Answer the following questions:

1. What did Judy write to Daddy in L 42 about Master Jervie? What was her opinion of his behaviour at Lock Willow?

2. What shows that Judy had a certain affection for Master Jervie?

3. Could you give any details of their escapades during his stay on the farm?

4. How did Judy feel when Master Jervie left?

5. What did Judy do with her short stories and seven poems?

6. What did Master Jervie think of Judys works? Did he like any of them? How did he criticize Judys work?

7. Why do you think Judy was longing to go back to college and begin work?

8. What kind of story was When the Sophomores Won the Game, do you think?

9. What kind of scholarship was Judy going to have? What for?

10. What do you think of Judys decision to accept a scholarship that will cover board and tuition and to be less dependent on Daddy-Long-Legs?

11. Why do you think Daddy wouldnt understand Judys decision to accept the scholarship?

12. What can you say about Judy being an upper-class girl and her studies?

13. Why did Judy call Daddy-Long-Legs obstinate and stubborn and unreasonable, and tenacious, and bull-doggish, and unable-to-see-other-peoples-points-of-view?

14. Why did she call Daddy-Long-Legs a stranger?

15. What ultimatum did Judy deliver to Daddy-Long-Legs?

16. Why did she sign L 45 in such a way?


4. Develop these ideas from Judys letters:

1. Our clothes were drenched before we reached home but our spirits not even damp. (L 42)

2. Dont be annoyed because your chick is wanting to scratch for herself. She is growing up into an awfully energetic little hen with a very determined cluck and lots of beautiful feathers (all due to you). (L44)

3. You prefer that I should not be accepting favours from strangers. (L45)

4. You live in a glass house, Mr. Smith. (L45)

5. I scorn to coax men for what I wish. (L45)

6. Only, Daddy, educate the new girl as much as you choose, but please dont like her any better than me. (L45)


5. Comment of the following:

1. The world is full of happiness, and plenty to go round, if you are only willing to take the kind that comes your way. The whole secret is in being pliable.

2. Whats the use of arguing with a man? You belong, Mr Smith, to a sex devoid of a sense of logic. To bring a man into line, there are just to methods: one must either coax or be disagreeable.


6. Find sentences in the text to prove that:

Judy was bored after Mr Jervie had left;

in her letters to Daddy, Judy was rather sincere and didnt conceal certain imperfections and drawbacks some other people wouldnt like to write about.


7. Get ready to speak on the following:

Judys encounters with Master Jervie;

Judy: a girl with a determined character.


8. Speak on the part of:

a) Master Jervie and describe your plan for the summer.

b) Judy and have a telephone talk with Mr Smiths secretary about your decision to accept the scholarship.

9. Act out a conversation between Judy and Sallie discussing the secretarys letter.


10. Render L 44:

a) as if you were Judy;

b) as if you were Daddy-Long-Legs.




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