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TASK 10 (Letters 52-57)

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1. Read the text and find in it the words and word combinations from this list, supply them with Russian equivalents.

Word List 10

to drop in - зайти, заглянуть, заскочить - bring round , bring over , call by , come around , come over , drop around , fetch over , fetch round , get round , go round

to chaperone smb - сопровождать ( молодую девушку ), быть компаньонкой, - accompany

to omit details - пропускать, не включать 2) пренебрегать, упускать - omit doing/do smth. — не сделать чего-л. Syn: forget , let alone , pass over , neglect

to ignore smb - игнорировать, пренебрегать, не придавать значения to ignore completely, totally — совершенно игнорировать You'll have to ignore their talking so loud. — Придется смириться с тем, что они так громко говорят.

to make progress - делать успехи

to blush - краснеть, заливаться румянцем от смущения, стыда ( at, for - из-за чего-л. ) I blush for shame when I remember how I treated you. — Я умираю со стыда, как вспомню, как я обращался с тобой. to blush like a rose — зардеться как маков цвет to blush like a black/blue dog — отличаться бесстыдством - blush for Syn: colour , flush , redden

to coincide - происходить в то же самое время, совпадать The opening ceremony coincided with the worst storm this century. — Церемония открытия совпала с началом самого страшного за весь век шторма. 3) соответствовать; равняться, быть одинаковым, совпадать His interest happily coincided with his duty. — К счастью, его интерес полностью совпадает с его обязанностями. Syn: agree , correspond , tally , conform , comply

second thoughts - мысль, пришедшая и голову после размышления; переоценка, пересмотр (задним числом)

to be a strain on smb - напрягать б) напрягаться; переутомляться 3) обнимать, сжимать; прижимать 4) превышать; злоупотреблять; искажать to strain one's authority — злоупотреблять своей властью to strain the sense — искажать смысл

to appeal to smb - привлекать, притягивать; влечь, манить, нравиться ( to ) Its poetical and romantic attractions appeal even to a person so little poetical as Hobbes. — Их поэтическое и романтическое очарование притягивает даже такую малопоэтическую натуру, как Хоббс. Syn: please

to entice - соблазнять Syn: lure 2., tempt , seduce

to be plunged into smth - пускаться ( во что-л. ), начинать Don't be too keen to plunge into argument with him. — Не пытайся спорить с ним. 2) ввергать The city was plunged into darkness when the electricity supply was cut off in the storm. — Когда во время грозы отключилось электричество, город погрузился во тьму.

temptation - искушение, соблазн to overcome temptation, to resist temptation — устоять перед искушением in spite of all temptations — вопреки всем соблазнам to succumb to temptation — поддаться искушению to yield to temptation — не устоять перед соблазном irresistible temptation, strong temptation — сильный соблазн, сильное искушение The Temptation of St. Anthony — искушение святого Антония 2) приманка Syn: bait , lure


2. Remember the context in which they were used.

3. Answer the following questions:

1) Why couldn’t Master Jervie spend a day with the girls on Friday (L 52) and why didn’t Judy ask for Daddy’s permission to attend the dance and the ball game at Princeton?

2) Why did it take Judy so long to finish L 53? What secret did she reveal to Daddy in it?

3) Judy was writing a paper on the Care of Dependent Children in sociology, wasn’t she? How did she feel about it? What kind of paper was it?

4) Why did Judy have a very busy time before the commencement?

5) What were Judy’s plans for the summer vacations and why was she very persistent in realizing them?

6) How did Judy’s program for the summer strike Daddy? What were his plans for Judy’s summer? Why did Judy characterize L 55 as the “hardest letter” she had ever written?

7) Why did Judy refuse Master Jervie’s advice to go abroad? In what manner did he accept her refusal and what abuse did he use to characterize it? Did he have any right to dictate to her?

8) What did Judy say about her pupils?

9) Why do you think Judy wanted Master Jervie to arrive at Lock Willow and not to find her there? Did she change toward him?


4. Develop these ideas from Judy’s letters:

  1. Is it good manners when you get into a car just to stare straight ahead and not see anybody else? (L 53)
  2. You have put me on my feet and I think I can almost walk alone by now. (L 54)
  3. You mustn’t get me used to too many luxuries. (L 55)
  4. Living with Sallie and Julia is an awful strain on my stoical philosophy. (L 55)
  5. It [the world] owes me nothing, and distinctly told me so at the beginning. I have no right to borrow on credit, for there will come a time when the World will repudiate my claim. (L 55)
  6. I seem to be floundering in a sea of metaphor – but I hope you grasp my meaning. (L 55)
  7. I thought I’d better see my bridges in flames behind me before I finished writing to you. They are certainly reduced to ashes now. (L 55)
  8. I am already plunged into work with my eyes persistently set against temptation. (L 55)
  9. The only way I can ever repay you is by turning out a very Useful Citizen. (L 55)
  10. The feeling often comes over me that I am not at all remarkable; it is fun to plan career, but in all probability I shan’t turn out a bit different from any other ordinary person. I may end by marrying an undertaker and being an inspiration to him in his work. (L 55)
  11. The world seems to be filled with stupid men; I’ve met a number this summer. (L 56)
  12. No one can dictate to me but you, Daddy – and you can’t always! (L 56)
  13. If you wish your instructions to be obeyed, you must have your secretary transmit them in less than two weeks. (L 56)


5. Comment on the following:

  1. It doesn’t seem polite to ignore everybody else as though you were the only important person present.
  2. Goods are not distributed evenly.
  3. One doesn’t miss what one has never had; but it is awfully hard going without things after one has commenced thinking they are his/hers by natural right.
  4. People accept happiness as a matter of course. The world, they think, owes them everything they want.
  5. The world seems to be filled with stupid men.
  6. It doesn’t matter whether the girls are stupid or not so long as they are pretty.


6. Act out a conversation between:

– Judy and Sallie discussing Judy’s plans to work at Magnolia;

– Judy and Master Jervie about her going to Paris.


7. Imagine that you are:

– Judy, and tell Sallie about your summer at Magnolia;

– Master Jervie, and try to persuade Judy to go to Paris.


8. Write an essay on one of the topics from Ex. 5.




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