TASK 12 (L 64-73)


1. Read the text and find in it the words and word combinations from this list. Supply them with Russian equivalents.

Word List 12

to be robbed of smth

to take smth literally

to be incorrigible


a struggling author


to scold smb

in advance

to owe smb smth

to make over smth

to match smth

unconventional ideas

a flash-and-blood person

carefree, unconcerned

to make out



for a single instant


2. Remember the context in which they were used.

3. Decide which Judy was and which she wasnt, use the words below, support what you say with examples from the book.



Judy was conventional in her views,

disrespectful to Daddy and other people,

convincing when she wanted to prove smth.

Judy was not in the least frivolous, carefree and unconcerned,

an incorrigible optimist,


ready to defend her point of view.


4. Answer the following questions:

1) What did Judy recollect in L 64? What did she feel when she was thinking of the John Grier Home? How can you account for the change in her attitude towards her Alma Mater?

2) Why did Sally and Judy embellish Lock Willow with their Easter vacation?

3) Why did Judy mention that she was incorrigible, writing to Daddy about her latest activity on the Farm? What was she busy with? Do you think it was her benefit or imperfection?

4) What were Judys ideas about the new book she was writing?

5) Why did Judy ask Daddy-Long-Legs come to college for the commencement?

6) Why did Judy finish L 67 with I tore you from my heart and buried me for ever.?

7) Who was going to visit Judy at Lock Willow? Was it a pleasant prospect for Judy? Why did she mention that her poor book would suffer?

8) How did Carrie and Amasai change after their marriage? Did those changes influence Judys decision not to marry for ever?

9) Why did Judy begin thinking of moving from Lock Willow at the end of August?

10) Why do you think Judy was very unhappy?

11) Why was L 70 very short and quite unusual?

12) Why do you think Daddy-Long-Legs answered Judys letter at last?

13) Did he agree to see Judy? Explain why.

14) What did Judy write to Daddy-Long-Legs about her sending him a check for one thousand dollars?

15) What advice did Judy need to get from Daddy?

16) In what way did Judy describe Master Jervie in her letter to Daddy-Long-Legs?

17) Why did Judy refuse to marry Master Jervie?

18) Why was Judy so much afraid to go and see Daddy-Long-Legs?

19) Why do you think Daddy-Long-Legs agreed to meet Judy at last? What was their meeting like?

20) Why did Judy write in her last letter that Yesterday was the most wonderful day that could ever happen. If I live to be ninety-nine I shall never forget the tiniest detail.?


5. Develop these ideas from Judys letters:

  1. I regard it as a very unusual adventure. It gives me a sort of vantage point from which to stand aside and look at life. Emerging full grown, I get a perspective on the world, that other people who have been brought up in the thick of things entirely lack. (L 64)
  2. as for me Im perfectly sure every moment of my life that Im happy. And Im going to keep on being, no matter what unpleasant things turn up. (L 64)
  3. Its funny how certain places get connected with certain people, and you never go back without thinking of them. (L 65)
  4. Im a realist now. Ive abandoned romanticism; I shall go back to it later though, when my own adventurous future begins. (L 65)
  5. This new book is going to get itself finished and published! (L 65)
  6. my only quarrel with life is that the days arent long enough to write all the beautiful and valuable and entertaining thoughts Im thinking. (L 68)
  7. I can barely wait in the morning to dress and eat before beginning; then I write and write and write till suddenly Im so tired that Im limp all over. (L 68)
  8. Ive determined never to marry. Its a deteriorating process, eventually. (L 68)
  9. Im settled at Lock Willow permanently. I have decided to stay until Ive written 114 novels like Anthony Trollopes mother. Then I shall have completed my life work and can retire and travel. (L 68)
  10. I hate your secretary, Im certain that a man named Elma H. Griggs must be horrid. (L 69)
  11. Ive sold my story You might think Id be wild with joy, but Im not. Im entirely apathetic. (L 71)
  12. I owe you a great deal more than the mere money, and the rest I will continue to pay all my life in gratitude and affection. (L 71)
  13. The reason I sent him away was not because I didnt care for him, but because I cared for him so much. (L 71)
  14. Always before I could be frivolous and carefree and unconcerned, because I had nothing precious to lose. But now I shall have a Great Big Worry all the rest of my life. (L 73)
  15. Its climbing weather. (L 73)
  16. I shall never let you be sorry for a single instant. (L 73)


6. Comment on the following:

  1. Its funny how certain places get connected with certain people.
  2. You are most convincing when you write about the things you know.
  3. If you just want a thing hard enough and keep on trying, you do get it in the end.
  4. Its fun to work.
  5. Marriage is a deteriorating process.
  6. Evenings are very lonely when there is no one to talk to.
  7. Its dreadful when two peoples senses of humour are antagonistic.
  8. when two people are exactly in accord and always happy when together and lonely when apart, they ought not to let anything in the world stand between them.


7. Find some information in the text to prove that:

Judy was a person who feels and understands nature (you can use the previous letters as well);

Judy was a proud person;

Judy has changed emerging full grown;

Judy was a very romantic girl;

Judy was a persistent girl with a lot of ambitions and self-belief;

Judy was in the enthusiastic stage about her book;

Judy had always been family sick;

Judy was unsure of her own behaviour;

Judy would be a true loving wife for Mr Pendleton.


8. Imagine that you are:

Sallie and speak of the Easter vacation at Lock Willow;

Mr James McBride and speak of your visit to Lock Willow;

Daddy-Long-Legs and explain why you had decided to break your own rule and write to Judy;

Judy and explain why you have refused to marry Master Jervie;

Judy and explain why you need Daddys advice so much;

Master Jervie and speak of your feelings for Judy;

Mr Pendleton and describe Miss Abbotts visit to your house.


9. Act out the dialogues between Sallie and Judy to discuss:

Judys affection for Master Jervie;

Judys visit to Daddy-Long-Legs.


10. Write an essay on one of the topics from Ex. 6.



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