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Find out about your group mates (their countries of residence, birthplace, nationality, age, family, etc.).

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1) - Who are you? - I’m Jim Brown. - What is your full name? - My full name is James O. Brown. - What is your brother’s first name? - My brother’s first name is Tom. - Is Tom Brown any relation to you? - Yes, he is my brother. - What relation are you to Ann? - She is my cousin. 2) - How old are you? - I’m eighteen years old. - How old is your friend? - He’s nineteen. - When were you born? - I was born on the 26th of October 1990. - Where were you born? - I was born in Omsk.
3) - Where are you from? - I’m from Britain. - Where does your father come from? - He is from Minsk. - What town are you from? - I’m from London. 4) - Have you got a family? - I’m not married yet and I live in my parents’ house. - What relation is Mrs. Black to you? - She is my aunt. - Is Kate any relation to you? - No, she is a distant relation of mine.
5) - What do you do? - I’m studying to be an electrical engineer. - Where do you study? - I study at the Omsk Technical University. - What is your hobby? - My hobby is collecting coins. - What is your sister’s hobby? - She is crazy about dancing. 6) - Is your family large? - Not very. There are only three of us. / It is very small. I’m single. In fact, I’m a bachelor. / No, it isn’t. I’m the only child in the family. - How many people does your family consist of? - It consists of 3 members. - Are you married? - Yes, I have been married for five years. / I’m not married. I’m single. - Is your brother married yet? - Not yet, but he is going to.


20. Ask your friend:


- where he has spent most of his life; - if he is in close contact with his immediate family; - if his family is the most important thing in his life; - if his family is very scattered or they mostly live close together; - if he knows a lot of his neighbours; - what places he feels most at home in.  


21. Write down the special questions to which the following sentences are the answers:

1) That boy is my nephew. 2) My brother goes in for sport. 3) Her parents are musicians. 4) Ann is my niece. 5) Her uncle is American. 6) His parents are elderly

people. 7) She was born in 1975. 8) My sister is 12. 9) My friend is Bill. 10) His children are fond of playing tennis. 11) We are four.


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