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Journey to Prague

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It was our first trip abroad; we have been preparing for it very carefully and looking forward to finally see Europe. We thought both about going for walking in the streets of Germany and see the Elfevuyu Tower in Paris. And then the day came when we went to a long-awaited trip. Places of excursions were very impressive and interesting. The last city we visited was Prague which was the most exciting.

Walking around Prague you can see churches , castles, palaces, bridges , squares, residential houses. Everything is all architectural styles. But none of architectural styles except the baroque - is left in Prague monuments such as Gothic. That gothic architecture gives the city a unique panorama.


We were surprised that Prague has its Eiffel Tower, the real Eiffel Tower, a small copy of the tower standing in Paris. It was placed on Petrin hill to the industrial exhibition in 1887 . Like many other temporary structures and activities in of lives Prague Eiffel Tower is more durable than other permanent structures .

We were surprised by the tower of clock, which is situated in the Old Town, always attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. You can hear its sounds every hour. Opposite the astronomical clock there is a cozy cafe where you can enjoy a glass of the sight of tasty beer, but you should see that the prices are very high, the highest in Prague.


In 1344, the construction of the Sagrada Vita began. The construction of the cathedral was completely finished only in 1929.


For five centuries, the Charles Bridge was the only bridge over the Vltava

The bridge rests on 16 high arches lined with blocks of sandstone. It is decorated with thirty sculptures, mostly of religious content.


Prague is called the heart of Europe . It is not like any other city in the world.

With huge positive impressions we got back home and hope that one day we visit Europe again.


Zinovieva Alina

Mozzherina Veronica school№18

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