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The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.

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Approved by the FEI Lausanne, on


Catrin Norinder

Director Eventing & Olympic Departments

Draft schedules and results are to be sent by e-mail to frederique.reffet@fei.org







The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) expects all those involved in international equestrian sport to adhere to the FEI’s Code of Conduct and to acknowledge and accept that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.


1. At all stages during the preparation and training of competition horses, welfare must take precedence over all other demands. This includes good horse management, training methods, farriery and tack, and transportation.

2. Horses and Athletes must be fit, competent and in good health before they are allowed to compete. This encompasses medication use, surgical procedures that threaten welfare or safety, pregnancy in mares and the misuse of aids.


3. Events must not prejudice horse welfare. This involves paying careful attention to the competition areas, ground surfaces, weather conditions, stabling, site safety and fitness of the horse for onward travel after the event.

4. Every effort must be made to ensure that horses receive proper attention after they have competed and that they are treated humanely when their competition careers are over. This covers proper veterinary care, competition injuries, euthanasia and retirement.


The FEI urges all involved with the sport to attain the highest levels of education in their areas of expertise.


A full copy of this Code can be obtained from the Fédération Equestre Internationale, HM King Hussein I Building, Chemin de la Joliette 8, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland. Telephone: +41 21 310 47 47. The Code is available in English & French. The Code is also available on the FEI’s website: www.fei.org.





Name: Equestrian Federation of Belarus

Address: Belarus, Minskij r-n, pos. Ratomka, Koritskogo St. 136,a

Postal Code: 223035

Tel/Fax : +375 17 502 22 71

Email: bel-fed@mail.ru Website: www.horses.org.by


Name: Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus

Address: Kirova St, 8, k.2 , Minsk, Belarus,

Postal Code: 220030

Tel: +375 17 227 72 37

Fax: + 75 17 227 76 22


Name: Republic Olympic Equestrian and Breeding Centre

Address: Belarus, Minskij r-n, pos. Ratomka, Koritskogo St. 136

Postal Code: 223035

Tel : +375 17 502 20 59

Tel/fax: +375 17 502 42 90

E-mail: ratomka@mail.com

Contact Details Show Ground:

Address: Belarus, Minskij r-n, pos. Ratomka, Koritskogo St. 136

Telephone: +375 17 502 42 90

Brief summary of your venue’s accessibility details (directions by road, nearest airport / train station). 60 km from the International Airport Minsk 2

Longitude: 27.34333

Latitude: 53.93999


  2. Honorary President : Mr Aliaksanr Shamko
  3. President of the Event : Mr Mikhail Rusy
  4. Show Secretary : Mrs. Kudakova Natalia

Press Officer: TBC




Name : Mr. Andrei Tratsiakou

Address: Republic Olympic Equestrian and Breeding Center

223035, Minsk region, pos. Ratomka

Belarus, Koritskogo St, 136

Tel: +375 17 502 42 93

Email: bel-fed@mail.ru


Please indicate a 24 hours Veterinary Services Manager Contact details:

Name: Ms. Alena Stselmashonak (BLR)

Telephone: +375 17 5024290

Mobile: +375 29 18 10 521

Email: betti.85@yandex.ru

FEI ID: 10088123



Ref Panel Competition Function FEI ID NAME NF Level (Nat, 1/2*, 3/4*) Contact details
Ground Jury 1st Competition CIC3*   Ground Jury President - Natalia YURANAVA (BLR) 3/4* bel-fed@tut.by
Ground Jury Member - Vladimir TISHKIN (RUS) 1/2*  
Ground Jury Member          
Ground Jury 2nd Competition CIC2*   Ground Jury President Natallia RUBASHKO (BLR) 1/2* roubashko@bsu.by
Ground Jury Member Beverley SHANDLEY (AUS) 3/4* bvsh@bigpond.com
Ground Jury Member          
Ground Jury 3rd Competition CCI1*   Ground Jury President - Vladimir TISHKIN (RUS) 1/2*  
Ground Jury Member Beverley SHANDLEY (AUS) 3/4* bvsh@bigpond.com
Ground Jury Member Natallia RUBASHKO (BLR) 1/2* roubashko@bsu.by
  Jumping test Judge CIC3*   Jumping test Judge   Irina ZHUKAVA   (BLR)   3*    
Technical Delegate CIC3* Technical Delegate - Ekaterina VORONOVA (RUS) 3/4*  
CIC3* Assistant Technical Delegate MOGULENKO, Nikolay   (BLR) N  
CIC2*/CCI1* 2nd Technical Delegate Mr. KRZYZANOWSKI Roman (POL) 3/4*  
Course Designer CIC3*/CIC2*/ CCI1* Course Designer Mr. Mikhail RYBAK (BLR) 3/4*  
CIC3*/CIC2*/ CCI1* Assistant Course Designer   Ms. Kseniya Rybak (BLR) N  
CIC3*/CIC2*/ CCI1* Jumping Course Designer Mr Victor DUDAREVICH (BLR)  
  Chief Steward     Chief Steward Mr. Siarhei ZAPRAHAYEU BLR  
  Assistant Steward Mrs. Ella Kastsiukevich BLR 1*  
  Assistant Steward   Mr.Viktar Malashka BLR N  
  Assistant Steward Mr. Myronenko Serhii KAZ 2*  
  Assistant Steward Mrs. Rumiantceva Ekaterina RUS N  
  Assistant Steward Mrs. Aksana Rachykava BLR N*  
  Assistant Steward Mr. Yaroslav SARNATSKIY BLR  
Appeal Committee   Appeal Committee President          
  Appeal Committee Member          
  Appeal Committee Member          
FEI Veterinary Delegate (or Veterinary commission for Championships)   President          
  Veterinary Delegate Mrs. Inna KAZLOVA BLR Official Vet  
  Assistant Vet Mrs. Ekaterina MOROTSKAJA BLR Official Vet  
Veterinarian Services Manager and Treating Vet   VSM Ms. Alena Stselmashonak BLR   betti.85@yandex.ru
  Treating Vet Ms. Alena Stselmashonak BLR   betti.85@yandex.ru
Chief Medical Officer   Chief Medical          


9. Farrier

Name: Mr. Andrei Stsepanenka

Phone number: +375 29 6903134


10. Medical Services

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