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Ex 11 Open the brackets putting the infinitive in the Future Perfect.

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1. By this week-end I (to finish) to write my composition.

2. He (to reach) home before the rain starts.

3. How many new English words you (to learn) by the end of the term?

4. Don’t go there now. You’ll be too late. By the time you get there everybody (to go) home.

5. By the next time I see you, I (to graduate) from the University.

6. We have been married for a long time. By our next anniversary, we (to be) married for 30 years.

7. This traffic is terrible. We are going to be late. By the time we get to the railway station, Ann’s train already (to leave).

8. I (to be) old by the time you propose me.

9. Has your mother fallen ill? Don’t worry, by the time you get home from the office, I (to send) for the doctor.

10. I’m afraid by the moment this boring interview is over, everybody (to leave) the hall.


Ex 12 Put the verbs in brackets in the proper tense form (Active)


1. We (not to be able) to start the experiment before we (to obtain) the necessary data.

2. He (to solve) the cross-word puzzle for half an hour and he (to say) he (to be) about to finish it as he (to think) over the last word.

3. He (to tell) me he (to wait) for me for some time already.

4. They soon (to move) to a new cottage. I’m afraid it (to be) rather far from us.

5. We (to arrive) at the station a few minutes late. The train (to go)!

6. My favourite sport (to be) jogging. I (to run) my 4 miles every morning and that (to be) enough to keep me fit.

7. You (to find) already the necessary material or you still (to look) through the books? You (to look) through them long?

8. - I (to hear) you (to leave) for France.

- Yes, I (to dream) of such a trip since my childhood.

9. I (not to go) on the excursion as I (to be) already there.

10. The tourists (to pack) up and (to leave) the hotel, but then one of them suddenly (to remember) that he (to forget) to take his ticket which (to lie) on the table.

11. - You already (to see) the new film?

- Yes, I (to see) it yesterday. It (to make) a deep impression on me.

12. I (to know) at first it (to be) not easy for me to get along with her parents. But I (to try) for I (to have) no choice.


Ex13. Translate into English using the Passive Voice

1. Ему сообщили все эти сведения перед тем, как он уехал. 2. Все письма будут написаны к 3 часам дня. 3. Преступник еще не пойман полицией. 4. Вас предупредили. 5. Когда я вернулась в свой родной город, театр, почти сгоревший при пожаре, все еще строился. 6. Все вопросы уже решены, не так ли? 7. Много совместных предприятий было открыто в последнее время. 8. Экзамен будет сдан студентами к началу сессии, досрочно. 9. Нас спросили, почему все вопросы не были обсуждены до начала заседания. 10. Раньше его никогда не видели на улице без трости.11. За этого кандидата уже проголосовало большинство избирателей. 12. На ваш вопрос еще не ответили?



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