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BURSARY is a stipend paid to students so that they can do academic work. Usually a bursary is only awarded to students who have proved that they deserve help by doing well in an examination.

UNIVERSITY CALENDAR is issued by Most British Commonwealth Universities once each year. It contains schedules (timetables) of the important events in the university year, syllabuses and details of course requirements (со- and pre-requisites) and required texts, lecture room and laboratory timetables, and so on.

CAMPUS is the area of a university, its buildings and immediate surroundings.

A COURSE is a planned unit of study at a school or university.

A COURSE REQUIREMENT is something that you must do so that you can do a course of study. “Physics is a course requirement for Engineering at this institute”.

A CO-REQUISITE COURSE at a university is one that must be taken with another course. For example “calculus 1 is a co-requisite with physics 1 at this university.”

A BLOCK-RELEASE COURSE is one where the students are released from work for a block of several days. Block-release courses are often used to teach apprentices at English Sixth-Form Colleges and polytechnics.

DAY-RELEASE COURSE is like block-release. Day-release students study specified courses for one day each week at a sixth-form college, technical college or polytechnic.

A SANDWICH COURSE is a course of study with some­thing in between the periods of study. In the 1960 most of the British Colleges of Advanced Technology (which later became technical universities) had sandwich courses for their students. The students would come to the college for six months and then go back to work for six months. In this way the college resources were used for all twelve months of the year, and the students gained practical experience and were able to earn money while they studied.

CURRICULUM is a statement of everything taught in a course. The syllabus is the part of the curriculum that will be examined.

A DISSERTATION is an extended piece of written work. It is usually part of a master's or a doctor's degree. If the dissertation contains much new work, such as an original scientific discovery, it is a thesis.

ELECTIVES are subjects or courses which are optional, not compulsory, dependent on choice.

GRANT in England is money paid for a student to study.

SCHEDULE is a plan for different activities at different times. In Britain a schedule is called a timetable.

A THESIS is a dissertation, or a piece of written work, submitted for a university degree. A thesis is a dissertation which contains a lot of original research work. A PhD requires a thesis.

TUITION — teaching, instruction. Money paid for instruction.

TRANSCRIPT is a list of disciplines and grades a student was awarded at the end of each semester. Final transcript shows completion of baccalaureate degree.





Названия штатов (и сокращенные варианты) и их столицы.

Alabama Ala. Montgomery

Alaska Juneau

Arizona Ariz. Phoenix

Arkansas Ark. Little Rock

California Cal. Sacramento

Colorado Colo. Denver

Connecticut Conn. Hartford

Delaware Del. Dover

Florida Fla. Tallahassee

Georgia Ga. Atlanta

Hawaii Honolulu

Idaho Id. Boise

Illinois Ill. Springfield

Indiana Ind. Indianapolis

Iowa Ia. Des Moines

Kansas Kan. Topeka

Kentucky Ky. Frankfort

Lousiana La. Baton Rouge

Maine Me. Augusta

Maryland Md. Annapolis

Massachusetts Mass. Boston

Michigan Mich. Lansing

Minnesota Minn. St.Paul

Mississippi Miss. Jackson

Missouri Mo. Jefferson City

Montana Mont. Helena

Nebraska Nebr. Lincoln

Nevada Nev. Carson City

New Hempshire N.H. Concord

New Jersey N.J. Trenton

New Mexico N.M. Santa Fe

New York N.Y. Albany

North Carolina N.C. Raleigh

North Dakota N.D. Bismarck

Ohio Columbus

Oklahoma Okla. Oklahoma City

Oregon Ore. Salem

Pensylvania Pa. Harrisburg

Rhode Island R.I. Providence

South Carolina S.C. Columbia

South Dakota S.D. Pierre

Tenessee Tenn. Nashville

Texas Austin

Utah Salt Lake City

Vermont Vt. Montpelier

Virginia Va. Richmond

Washington Wash. Olympia

West Virginia W.Va. Charleston

Wisconsin Wisc. Madison

Wyoming Wyo. Cheyenne

District of Columbia D.C. Washington


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