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Exercises. Read the following rhythmical groups at equal intervals of time making a new articulating effort with every stressed syllable

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Read the following rhythmical groups at equal intervals of time making a new articulating effort with every stressed syllable. Speed up the pronunciation of the unstressed syllables with an increase in their number, observing the necessary degree of their compression.

Fresh Lots of Plenty of fried fish and carrots and chips pizza sausages   One Half a Give me a cold glass of bottle of beer whiskey orange juice
New Lovely Horrible black yellow rose coloured boots trousers sunglasses     Ring Speak to Telephone Jack Susan Alison soon later afterwards
Don’t Go and Hurry and tell speak to give it to Mike Mary Jonathan   Three Seven Hundreds of blind hungry pictures of mice tigers elephants
Near There in Over in north sunny glamorous Leeds London Manchester   Can’t Doesn’t Can’t you Pete Oscar Jennifer drive listen talk to you



Break the following sentences into rhythmical groups according to the model given below and read them fluently beating the time. Make sure that you join on smoothly and evenly the unstressed syllables to the preceding stressed one in the general glide-down.

e.g. I'll,see you ∣ at the ֻ station. ||

The lifts are very jerky. I left it there this morning. I'm sorry to disturb you. He's busy at the moment. I did my best to be early. She represented her country. There are some interesting items. You'll feel better in the morning. They prepared it in the evening. It's her favourite recording. It's an amusing story.

3. Read the following proverbs stressing syllables at regular intervals
of time.

Birds of feather flock together.

April showers bring May flowers.

To be or not to be.

Leave the sleeping dogs lie.

The early bird catches the first worm.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

As you sow you shall mow.

There is no time like the present.

It never rains but it pours.

Red sky in the morning is the shepherd's warning.

We never know the value of water till the well is dry.

Fortune favours the brave.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

If you agree to carry the calf, they'll make you carry the cow.

Every country has its customs.

There is no rose without a thorn.

What can't be cured must be endured.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Experience is the mother of wisdom.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.

Honesty is the best policy.

One-stress rhythm

It is found in utterances with one prominent syllable. One-stress rhythmic structures of the minimal size are observed in utterances consisting of one monosyllabic word.

Expanded variants of one-stress rhythmic structures are those in which there are unstressed syllables either following (enclitics) or preceding (proclitics) the stressed one or both. They occur:

1. when the utterance consists of one polysyllabic word;

2. when there are several words but only one of them carries important information. In this case there's often a partially stressed syllable among the proclitics or enclitics.

ֻWho? ֻCome! ֻLook!

Oc ֻ casionally!

Just ֻdo it!

□ □ Two-stress rhythm

It occurs in utterances consisting of twomonosyllabic words or one compound two-syllabic word used when both twowords (or parts of words) carry equally important information. In this case the first stress is usually static while the second one - kinetic (nuclear) or else both stresses can be kinetic (Fall-Rise divided)

Right now. All-right. Make haste. That's true.

Next door. Good-bye. Come on.Bad news.

□ □ □ Three-stress rhythm

It occurs in utterance consisting of three monosyllabic words (notional words) or two words if one of them is two-syllabic and has two equal stresses all of which carry important information.

ˈJane can't ,go. ֻTry once ,more. ˈThat's too ˅small.

ˈPlease take ,these. ֻNot quite ,sure. ˈNot yet ˅here?


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