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Blair Drummond Safari Park

What To See And Do In Scotland

My Top Scottish Attractions

Scottish attractions have seen tourism at an all time high due to the number of famous sights that keep visitors flocking back time and again. With sights like Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Science Centre and the Falkirk Wheel, attractions in Scotland hold something of interest for everyone.


Things to do in Scotland would obviously have to include a visit to Edinburgh Castle, and I have featured it on my Scottish Castles page.


I have had the privilege of seeing many of Scotland's great attractions and some of them are pretty awesome. Obviously everyone has different tastes, so my top ten, listed here in no particular order, is quite varied.


Blair Drummond Safari Park

Another one of my favourite Scottish attractions, is the reasonably priced and fantastic day out for all the family, Blair Drummond Wildlife Safari Park.


Blair Drummond Park is situated less than an hour's drive from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you take junction 10 off the M9 motorway, it's well signposted from there, and Stirling is the nearest train station.


If you enjoy animals and wide open spaces as much as I do, you'll love this place. All you need is half decent weather, to let you take full advantage of the walks and the many other facilities you'll find around the park.


You start off by driving through the animal reserves, then once you have parked you can take a walk through pets farm, visit the adventure areas, take in the falconry and sea lion displays, and visit chimp island.


Some of the other animals you can look forward to meeting include :


Antelopes, Lions, Tigers, Penguins, Birds of Prey, Bears, Giraffes, Camels, Meerkats, Zebras, Rhinos, Otters, Ostriches, Lemurs, Wallabys, and the only Elephants you're likely to see in Scotland.


This isn't the whole list, these are just the ones I remember, there are lots more you're likely to see.


When you do finally stop for a rest, there are bar and restaurant facilities, a barbeque area, and lots of picnic areas where you can just relax.


The children won't get bored, that's for sure, when you consider the number of attractions that make up the whole adventure that is Blair Drummond Wildlife Safari Park. A wooden castle, bouncy castle, giant astraglide, pirate ship, face painting, pedal boats and amusements are just some of the things to keep the little ones happy. But perhaps the highlight of the day for them and for you, is a visit to the fantastic Chimp Island.


This wildlife safari park has been going strong since 1970, and it's a shame to think that some of these animals are an endangered species. The Chimps and Tigers are endangered, and many other animals are dependent on conservation areas like Blair Drummond Safari Park for their survival.


The animals are well cared for here, all the staff do a fabulous job, and it's nice to think when you pay your admission fee that some of it is going to a very worthwhile cause, especially when you have such a great time.


I would recommend you allow at least four hours for your visit.

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