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Nowadays millions of people from all over the world feel themselves how our world is becoming global. And they see how globalization interferes with economics, societies, goods and cultures. And thus it is so it, of course, has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Some people think that globalization is very good for them and for their country. It means that there are several major factors of good affect of it. Firstly, the Internet has become spread around the world and that is why it is possible nowadays to talk to an American, Italian or Japanese friend. Besides the Internet saves time, energy and helps to study. For example, with the help of computers you can get a lot of knowledge because computers are connected to libraries, universities and major research institutions. Secondly, now it is easier to make different operations with money because in today’s world there is a universal currency called Euro. You can easily use it in any European country and every bank or shops will take it. And finally, globalization makes it easier to communicate with each other, because everybody learn one international language. I think it is very important because it makes our life easier, for example you can speak English in every country and everybody understand you, it means that you shouldn't learn a lot of other languages.

Other people believe, that in today’s world there is enormous pressure on culture and traditions. It is impossible to say that traditions can be global. But speaking about people’s values nowadays, I can say that they are humanistic. It is very difficult to persuade nations to live together in peace. And though it is so, there are organizations which try to solve such problems because they don’t need the Third World War.

As for some other problems of globolization there are, of course, problems with education, diseases and politics, but the most important ,of course, is economic one. Anti-globalisation protestors are protesting about the dominance in the world economy of large multi-national companies. They consider that these companies spread their own western culture at the expense of other cultures, and that they exploit developing countries and the enviroment in general.

Protestors can show their protest by different ways, but usually it is,of course, demonstarion. For example in 1999, a collection of 50,000 environmentalists, students, anarchists and ordinary members of the public gathered in Seattle to protest against a meeting there of the World Trade Organisation. The demonstration began peacefully, but by the end of the day, protestors had smashed shop windows and destroyed property, the police had fired plastic bullets and gat into the crowd. The “Battle of Seattle” is now seen as the start of a world-wild anti-globalisation movement. The next demonstarion was in Genoa in 2001. It was the largest protest, where 300,000 demonstrators clashed with police in violent conflict, at which one person died and hundreds were injured.

So, globalisation plays an important role in my life and in life of everybody in this world not only because that it helps to make a global language but also because it simply unites people from all over the world.


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