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II. Answer the following questions. 1) Where does marketing originate from?

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1) Where does marketing originate from?

2) What was a market like earlier?

3) What factors of marketing do you know?

4) Is marketing connected to the creative arts somehow?

5) Why do marketers depend on marketing research so much?

6) Name the four Ps. What is included in each of them?

7) Is the four Ps model useful for both low value consumer products and

high-value consumer products?

8) What new form of marketing do you know?


III. Sort out the most important information from the text and retell it.




I. The marketing director has made a marketing strategy for the company’s latest product; he is presenting the strategy to the area sales managers and sales representatives. Read the sentences below and try to guess the meaning of the underlined words.

a) Before the product launch, market research and test marketing are carried out.

b) The marketing department is also responsible for pricing policy.

c) The advertising agency is responsible for the advertising campaign.

d) There are two main types of advertising; above-the-line, or media advertising and below-the-line or non-media advertising.

e) Non-media advertising includes promotions, public relations and special offers.

f) The sales department is responsible for sending the sales force to contact customers, consumers and end-users.

g) Wholesalers sell to retailers, who sell direct to the public.

h) The place where the customer buys the product is called an outlet or a point of sale.

i) The sales department is responsible for selling and for after-sales service.

II. Mr. Lopez is going to give a presentation of a new product to his colleagues. He has drawn up a rough plan of the presentation. The plan shows the sequence of his talk and some of the phrases he intends to use.


Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.



We haven’t all met before. So I’d better introduce myself, I’m_________



I hope you’ll excuse my English. I’m a little out of practice.



I’m going to be talking about_________



I’ll start with________and_________



Then move on to__________



Finally, I’m going to_________


I think, if you don’t mind we’ll leave questions to the end.






This brings me to my next point________



I must emphasize________



At this point we must consider________



Now, to digress for a moment_________



To go back to my earlier point________






Before closing I’d like to summarize the main points again.



That’s all I have to say for the moment_______



Thank you for listening.



Now if there are any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.


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