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Below the text.

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My name’s Bernard Levesque and I’m the Technical and Quality Manager at MTS in Paris and I work within the MTD the Materials Testing Division, which makes equipment used by industrial firms to test the strength and durability of materials like plastic, metals and so forth. We’re a subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation, an American firm based in Minneapolis. MTS employs roughly 2,200 people worldwide and is a leading supplier of mechanical testing and simulation equipment. Our major development and manufacturing operations are located in the US, France and Germany, and we have sales and service offices around the world.

Before I describe the organisation of my department, I’ll outline the structure from the top, starting with Werner Ongyert, our CEO, who oversees all aspects of our activities here. Just below him is the General Manager, Jucques Mardelet, who is my immediate superior. Then there’s Sylviane Villaret, the Human Resources Director, and Genevieve Cornetti, the GM’s Secretary, who also report directly to him. We have a management team that includes myself, Dominique Faurieux, the Sales Manager, Jean-Fracois Reinauld, the Finance Manager, and of course, Jacques Mardelet, who is also the marketing manager There are also two new departments – Customer Service and NVD, the Noise and Vibration Division – headed by Luise Regnier and Patrick Dhammee respectively.

Now, getting back to the way my department is organised, I’m responsible for operations, so I’m in charge of Purchasing and Planning, R&D and Quality. The purchasing and planning Department schedules production based on orders provided by the sales team and forecasts from the Marketing Department. In R&D, there are three sub-departments – Mechanical-Engineering, Electronics and Software-Engineering – which are involved in developing new products and modifying existing products to meet customer demands. They receive technical specification from the Marketing Department and provide drawings and assembly instructions. Nathalie Launay works closely with me on Quality – an area that takes up nearly a third of my time. And finally there’s the need of Shipping, as well as the person in charge of Assembly, who also report to me.

Mechanical Engineering

VI. Circle the word that does not belong in each horizontal group.

1. firm 2. salary 3. finance 4. ship 5. plant company manager product assemble facility society engineer planning customer patent subsidiary employee marketing purchase factory  


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