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II. Answer the following questions. 1) What were the first banks aimed at?

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1) What were the first banks aimed at?

2) Why do many banks enter new areas of business? What are these areas?

3) What forms of banks do you know?

4) What do commercial banks deal with?

5) In what ways can you borrow money nowadays?

III.Sort out the most important information from the text and retell it.


IV. Read and translate the dialogue “Structure and functions of a bank”

Retell it in indirect speech.

A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Who really owns the bank? The stockholders own it. In the beginning, they put up the necessary capital and were granted a charter from the government. Are the members of the board of directors stockholders? Oh, yes. They're chosen by the other stockholders to operate the bank. And the board hires the president and the vice-president to manage it. That's right. Along with the cashier, the tellers and the clerical workers. I guess most of your work has to do with checking and savings accounts and making loans. Yes. But we invest money too. Planning the bank's investments is also very important. Do you divide all the profits among the stockholders? Not all of them. The stockholders receive regular dividends. But some of our earnings are held in reserve accounts. I suppose that would be necessary. Here's a copy of our last published statement. You see the reserves are shown here as surplus and undivided profits.




I. Arranging a meeting

Look at this telephone call from the sales representative to a potential new customer. Try to guess the words missing from the conversation. If you cannot guess, select the missing word from the list that follows the dialogue.

Jackson: Gray: Jackson: Gray: Jackson: Gray: Jackson: Gray: Jackson: Gray: Jackson: Hello, Jackson is speaking. Good morning, Mr Jackson, this is Mike Gray from Multiscan Industries . Er, yes, what can I____________for you? Well, as you probably know, we are____________a new____________of high-performance microprocessors. I am going to be visiting your__________ next week and I wondered if you would be__________in discussing these new____________and perhaps having a____________? M-m-m, yes, I would certainly be interested . .. Good, would Wednesday morning be____________? Ah, Wednesday is a bit____________; I'm tied up all day. How about Thursday? Thursday would be fine. Can you let me have an hour or so ___________ in the afternoon? Yes, I think that would be possible. Say, four o'clock? Excellent, well, I'll look__________ to seeing you on Thursday then. Goodbye. Goodbye.  


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