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Dress the part.Even if the job is in a modern company where the code is casual, you should dress formally for the interview — a suit is always safe. Look clean and tidy. Never keep your overcoat on during the interview. If possible take it off outside the interview room.

Think positively and confidently about yourself. From the moment you decide to apply for the job think about (and write down) all qualities you have to offer the company as well as the reasons you would suit the job. Use the interview to discover as much about the job as possible. Even if they offer it to you on the spotask for some time to consider their offer. Is it right for you andthem?

Be aware of your body language.Most interviewersdon't realize it but they are influenced by your body language the moment you walk into the room. Be assertive, smile, look the interviewer in the eye, and give a firm handshake. Don't leantoo far over the desk or slumpin the chair with your arms crossed. Practice your 'entrance' at home with a friend so you feel comfortable.

Keep a balance of power throughout the interview.From a psychologist's point of view this is what interviews are all about! Don't be too timidor allow the interviewer to dominate you because an interview is a two-way process, and you are to decide whether you want the job. It's as important for you to ask questions about your potential job as it is for the interviewer to question you. But don't be over-confident and cheeky. No one likes a “difficult” candidate however good your qualifications are.

Keep calm before and during the interview.Three-quarters of people feel anxiousabout job interviews and their nervousness often lets them down. The key is to learn interview skills which are as important as job skills, and control your nerves. Remember the interviewer may be nervous as well.



Ex. 11. Read about Dos and Don’ts for job seekers and discuss how you can avoid mistakes and follow recommendations.


Do stress your qualification for this job. Don’t keep stressing your need for a job.
Do mention any experience you have which is relevant to the job. Don’t discuss past experience, which has no application to the job situation.
Do assume an air of confidence. Don’t apologize for your age.
Do approach the employer with respectful dignity. Don’t be untidy in appearance.
Do try to be optimistic in your attitude. Don’t mumble.
Do try to overcome nervousness and shortness of breath. Don’t be one of those who can do everything.
Do answer the questions honestly.  
Do indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn.. Don’t hedge in answering questions.
Do have a good resume. Don’t hang around, prolonging the interview when it should be over.
Do be well groomed and appropriately dressed. Don’t write incorrect information on your CV to make it look better.

What information from the above table was familiar for you and what was new? Do you agree with everything?


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