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Ex. 3. Read the third job and complete the following sentences.

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1. The Scottish Prison Service is looking for people ______________.

a) who like to work independently

b) who enjoy a team environment

c) who like a risky job


2. Applicants must be _____________.

a) older than twenty

b) good at foreign languages

c) sensible


3. The Scottish Orison Service is seeking _____________.

a) only men

b) both men and women

c) only women


Ex. 4. Read the fourth job and find the information which is incorrect.


a) Barratt Construction LTD needs a marketing director.

b) It is a full time job.

c) Applicants should have some experience.

d) There won’t be any commission.

e) Barratt Construction LTD deals with houses and apartments.



Ex. 5. Read the fifth job and find the answers to the following questions.


1. What kind of experience is needed?

a) experience of working with children

b) experience of working with elderly people

c) experience of working at school


2. How long will a school nurse work?

a) during the academic year

b) only during the school term

c) during three months


3. How many pupils ate there in Robert Gordon’s College?

a) 1500

b) 1300

c) 1400


Ex. 6. Name the companies in each of these places

· Aberdeen ______________________________________________

· Glasgow _______________________________________________

· Peterhead ______________________________________________

· Ellon __________________________________________________

· HMP Aberdeen and Peterhead ______________________________


Ex. 7. Now read the ads once more and say which one would you choose if you


1. graduated from the Medical College _________________________________________

2. studied at the Linguistic Department _________________________________________

3. a post-graduate student of the Teachers’ Training University ______________________

4. graduated from the Academy of Trade ________________________________________

5. studied at the University of Management ______________________________________


Give the reasons for your choice. Don’t forget to think over

· a salary offered

· criteria required

· potential of the company

· the fact if it is a part-time or full-time job.



Ex. 8. Answer the questions.


1. Which company is looking for a good salesman? ___________________________________

2. Which firm needs supervisors? __________________________________________________

3. Which company is interested in people with good eyesight and physically fit? ____________


4. Where should people able to work with children apply? ______________________________

5. Why is Robert Gordon’s College looking for new teachers? ___________________________


6. Which company needs workers with a car and a telephone? ___________________________

7. Which organization needs people for a short period of time? __________________________


Ex. 9. Try to compose a job ad of your own. Take into consideration that you must


· give basic information of your company

· describe the features of character of the staff you need

· mention qualification and age if necessary

· name the position you employ for

· give your address in full and all the phone numbers.





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