I. Reading. Read the text and choose the best answer (AD) to complete the sentences (15).

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  4. I. Before reading the text find the meaning of the words below in the dictionary. Learn them by heart
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Read the text and choose the best answer (AD) to complete the sentences (15).


Coca-Cola is probably the worlds best-known taste, and was the first truly global brand. Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, invented the drink. He mixed the Coca-Cola syrup, which was combined with carbonated water to make a popular soda fountain drink, in the local Jacobs Pharmacy. The first customers, who paid a hand-some 5 cents a glass, pronounced the drink to be excellent, delicious and refreshing.


Dr. Pembertons partner and book-keeper, Frank M. Robinson, suggested the pro ducts unusual name and wrote it down in his florid handwriting, feeling that the two Cs would look well in advertising. The first advertisement for the drink appeared in the Atlanta Journal, and handpainted oilcloth signs indicated which soda fountains offered the product. This was just the first step in a fantastic co-operation between the brand and advertising, which has made the trademark universally recognized. A continuous stream of slogans have entered the collective consciousness, from Drink Coca Cola in 1886, the iconic Id Like to Teach the World to Sing television advertisement of 1971, right up to the simple assertion Real of todays campaign.


From its original output of around nine drinks a day, Coca-Cola is now the worlds most ubiquitous brand, serving over 1.3 billion drinks every day.


Taken from Made in America: The History of CocaCola,-Levis to Barbie to Google, by Nick Freeth, 2005



1. The Coca-Cola logo comes from ...

Aan idea that Dr. John Stith Pemberton had.

Ban advertisement in the Atlanta Journal.

CFrank M. Robinsons belief that the name would market well.

Dthe first customers at Jacobs Pharmacy.


2. CocaCola- has been advertised for about ... years.

A90 B 120   C 150 D 200

3. Coca-Cola first became popular with. ..

Ayoung people who saw the TV commercials.

BDr. Pembertons friends and family.

Cthe customers at the local pharmacy.

DFrank M. Robinson.

4. CocaCola- has become the popular and recognized product that it is today due to ...

Aits cheap price in Jacobs Pharmacy.

Bthe first customers who drank it.

CDr. Pembertons disgusting recipe.

Dthe brand and advertising together.

5. Ubiquitous means ...

Adelicious   Cimportant  
Bexisting everywhere   Dleast popular  



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