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INTRODUCTORY READING AND TALK. I'm in the first year at the university, where I'm studying Eng­lish

I'm in the first year at the university, where I'm studying Eng­lish. My elder sister, Betty, is studying history at the same univer­sity. Betty canorganise her time wisely, whereas I do not know what order I should do things in. I find it hard toget up on time, and usu­ally I do notget enough sleep. I have towind twoalarm-clocks to make sure I do notoversleep.

My sister, anearly riser, is awake by 7 o'clock,refreshed andfull of energy. While I'm wandering round the kitchen, fighting the urge to go back to bed, Уравнения химических реакций my sister man­ages tohave a quick shower, make her bed, put on make up, do her hair, eat a full breakfast andset off to the university. It takes me an hour and a half to get ready. Ihave a hasty bite andrush out of the house. Even if Icatch a bus at once I stillarrive at the university 15 minutes late, which always makes me feel guilty.

My studieskeep me busy all day long. Ihave 14 hours of Englisha week. I alsohave lectures andseminars. At lunchtime I meet up with my sister and wehave a snack at the university cafe. After classes I make myself go to the library where I spend about six hours a weekreading for my seminars.

My sister and I come home tired. I always find excuses toput my homework off. Unlike me, my sister manages todo the houseworkandget down to homework. I like the ideaof going to bed early, but quite often I have tosit up late, brushing up on my grammar and vo­cabulary, though Ifeel sleepy. My sister says thatkeeping late hoursruins one's health. Of course, I agree.

As my sister and I do not get anytime off during the week, we try torelax on the weekends. One of my greatest pleasures is tolie in bed and read my favourite books. My sister is asporty person. To keep herself fit, Bettygoes for a run in the park; from time to time sheworks out in the gym.

I hatestaying in, and sometimes on Saturday night my sister takes me out to a concert or a play. Sometimes wego to a party or to a disco. But more often than not I end upcatching up on my stu­dies and my sistergoes out. I wonder how I manage to spoil mylei­sure time.

Every Monday when Iawaken I think I shouldstart a new life. I honestly think that I must becomewell-organised and correct my daily routine. I make plans togo to keep-fit classes, todo shoppingwith my sister, todo the cleaning and to do a hundred other good things. But then I remember that I have tocall on my school friend in the evening, and I put off my plans till next Monday. It is always better to start a new lifein a week.

1. What is your usual day like? Is it very different from this girl's day?

2. What takes up most of your day?

3. Look at the pictures below and say what can be said about you and what cannot.

Pattern: She usually gets up at six. But I don't. I get up at seven. She usually has breakfast at eight. So do I. I have breakfast at eight.

seven o'clock


eight o'clock


nine o'clock


twelve o'clock


five o'clock

seven o'clock


ten o'clock

4. Is your daily routine alwaysthe same?



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