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Exercise 3. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

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Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

1. to loll A. correspond in quality, colour, design, etc.;

2. to rejoice B. change or move from one position to another;

3. to survey C. associate inseparably or very closely with smth.;

4. to hug D. show signs of great happiness;

5. to identify E. be of right measure, shape and size;

6. to match F. take a general view of smth.;

7. to order G. stand, sit or recline in a lazy attitude;

8. to fit H. squeeze tightly in one's arms, usually with affection;

9. to shift I. make a loud sharp cry (as of pain, excitement, etc.)

10. to yell J. command or direct.

Exercise 4

Say whether the following verbs have corresponding nouns. Comment on the difference in meaning and pronunciation.

feature match hand shift

survey order cost purchase

fit pack point promise

Exercise 5

Find in the text the words from the groups below and define to what part of speech they belong.

Convincingly — perfectly — wobbly;

shopping — tiring — puzzling;

feature — loafer — driver;

middle-aged — devoted — identified.

Exercise 6

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.


For disagreement: For agreement:

That's not quite right. That's right.

Oh no, quite on the contrary. Exactly.

It says in the text... I agree entirely.

1. Sayako was trying on the last season's suit.

2. The manageress felt irritated by the obtrusive customer.

3. Sayako admired the beauty of the mannequin.

4. Sayako was a devoted shopper, ready to buy clothes in bulk.

5. She didn't care how much money she spent on clothes.

6. The princess found English people funny.

7. Shopping didn't take her much time.

8. Sayako found English books entertaining.

Exercise 7

Find synonyms in the text for the italicized words and expressions.

1. Before buying an antique statue, Maggie looked at it care­ fully to find if it matched the design of her flat.

2. I can't wear my blue shoes with a black skirt, they don't look good together.

3. I've bought a blouse for Alison. It's a very pretty colour and just the right size too.

4. Why don't you put on these shoes to see if they are comfor­table.

5. They were shown into a luxurious dining hall.

6. Standing still for any length of time can be exhausting.

7. Do you think this colour makes me look attractive?

8. The children were delighted to see peace and comfort return into their home at last.

9. At last the band appeared on the stage and the crowd was thrilled with its music.

10. After reading so many heavy and difficult textbooks, it was a relief to pick up a novel again.

11. He's always rude to people. Don't pay attention to his words.

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