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Exercise 19. Complete the following dialogues using the sentences given below.

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Complete the following dialogues using the sentences given below.

I. At the millinery department.

Customer: I'd like to buy the hat in the window.

Assistant: There are several hats in the window. ...

Customer: Can you show me the one over there? The leather one.

Assistant: Ah! The leather one. Now, this is another leather hat, madam. It's better than the one in

the window. ...

Customer: I'd rather have the one in the window. ...

Assistant: Certainly, madam. ...

Customer: I'm not sure.

Assistant: ... It is sixteen and a half.

Customer: Thank you very much. Assistant: ...

1. What size do you take?

2. Would you like me to measure your head?

3. It's smoother leather.

4. It goes with my clothes.

5. Thank you for the purchase.

6. What sort of hat do you require? Felt, leather, the one with feathers or with a brim?

II. At the shoe department.

Customer: Excuse me. ...

Assistant: Certainly, madam. What can I show you?

Customer: I'd like to buy a pair of fancy dress shoes.

Assistant: ... Leather, suede, glace or I can offer you glit­ter stiletto shoes.

Customer: I like them. Can I try them on?

Assistant: Certainly. ...

Customer: They're a bit tight. I have rather a broad foot and a high instep. ...

Assistant: I'm afraid not in that style. ...

Customer: Then, probably, leather shoes are better ...

Assistant: Yes, they'll stretch.

Customer: Very well then. Thank you for your help.

Assistant: You're welcome.

1. They will give a little after wearing.

2. Have you got them in a wider fitting?

3. Can you wait on me?

4. How do they fit, madam?

5. Would you like to see another similar style?

6. What kind of shoes do you want, madam?

III. At the women's clothes department.

Assistant: Can I help you?

Customer: No thank you. ...

Assistant: We have suits on sale. ...

Customer: Which suit do you think is better?

Assistant: ... It's warm and comfortable.

Customer: I'm afraid it's loose on me. ... Have you got a smaller size?

Assistant: I'm awfully sorry. ... The suits proved to be so popular that we sold out of them last week but we might have some more next week.

Customer: Well, thank you.

Assistant: ...

Customer: Maybe I'll come back later.

Assistant: You're welcome. Come again!

1. It's two sizes too large.

2. I'm just looking around.

3. May I hope that we can be of service to you again in the future, sir?

4. We've run out of the size.

5. You won't find a better bargain in town.

6. I think a wool single-breasted suit is a good bet for the season.

Exercise 20

Dramatize the situation "At a Shop".


You want to buy some clothes but you can't decide what to buy. Ask the assistant for help, try on the clothes. Explain why you don't want them.


You are the shop assistant. You serve the customer and suggest what to buy. Discuss prices, sizes and colours. Try to persuade the customer to buy something and make a sale.


For student A: For student B:

Can you wait on me? Can I help you?

Can I get... here? Are you being served?

I'm looking for... What size ... do you take?

What colours have you got it in? This one is on sale.

Have you got it in red? It's only ...

Would you measure me, please? You won't find a better

Have you got this in size ...? bargain in town.

It doesn't fit. I'm afraid we are out

It's too tight/loose. of them at the moment.

Could I have the next We are expecting more in,

size up/down? maybe next week.

Can I try it on? Any particular colour?

I don't like it. Would you like to try it on?

Can I see something else? Does it fit?

No, thanks. I'll leave it. Would you like to try

I'll take/have it. a bigger/smaller size?

Thank you for your help. This one comes in grey,

brown and blue.

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