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Выразите свою точку зрения. 1. What is a price? What factors influence the price?


1. What is a price? What factors influence the price?

2. Why are the prices for goods changing?

3. Imagine you own a food store. Your competitor from a nearby food store decreased the price for the same food products by 2%. What can you do not to lose your customers?



При ответе используйте фразы:


To my mind … In my experience …
In my opinion … As far as I understand …
On the one hand, …on the other hand From my point of view …
If my memory serves me right … If I am not mistaken …
It seems to me that … Personally, I think …
My personal view is that … I am sure/certain/convinced that …
The fact is that … This proves that …
It is obvious that … There is no doubt that …


Part 3


Напишите письмо-запрос на нижеприведенное письмо. Используйте раздел «Полезные фразы для написания письма» приведенный в конце пособия.


You have received a letter from the Organizing Committee of the conference you would like to take part in. Write a letter to Dan Craft, in your letter ask the following:


a) the date of the conference;

b) the exact address of the conference;

c) the deadline for applying papers.


Sergey Ivanov 14, Kuznetskaya Street, Moscow, Russia     Dear Mr. Ivanov, We invite you to take part in the 9th Annual European Financial Services Conference – “A new deal between finance and society” - will focus on the reform of the financial services sector since the crisis of 2008, at both an EU and a global level.   Sessions will focus on:  
  • Has Europe’s financial sector put its economy in order?
  • Assessing the EU’s regulation effort
  • Charting progress towards a new global structure.
  Now widely regarded as the premier annual financial services gathering in Brussels, the European Financial Services Conference brings together more than 400 senior bankers and policy-makers from around the world to debate issues affecting European and global financial markets.   Registration is free of charge but with interest expected to be very high, we advise you to register early to secure your place.   For more information contact:   Dan Craft Director Forum Europe 18, High Street Cardiff UK   Best regards, Dan Craft


Unit 10

Part 1


Прочитайте и переведите текст.



A market is any one of a variety of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures whereby businesses sell their goods, services and labour to people in exchange for money. Goods and services are sold using a legal tender such as fiat money. This activity forms part of the economy. It is an arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to exchange items. Competition is essential in markets, and separates market from trade. Two persons may trade, but it takes at least three persons to have a market, so that there is competition on at least one of its two sides. Markets vary in size, range, geographic scale, location, types and variety of human communities, as well as the types of goods and services traded. Some examples include local farmers' markets held in town squares or parking lots, shopping centers and shopping malls, international currency and commodity markets, legally created markets such as for pollution permits, and illegal markets such as the market for illicit drugs.

In mainstream economics, the concept of a market is any structure that allows buyers and sellers to exchange any type of goods, services and information. The exchange of goods or services for money is a transaction. Market participants consist of all the buyers and sellers of a good who influence its price. This influence is a major study of economics and has given rise to several theories and models concerning the basic market forces of supply and demand. There are two roles in markets, buyers and sellers. The market facilitates trade and enables the distribution and allocation of resources in a society. Markets allow any tradable item to be evaluated and priced. A market emerges more or less spontaneously or is constructed deliberately by human interaction in order to enable the exchange of rights of services and goods.

Historically, markets originated in physical marketplaces which would often develop into — or from — small communities, towns and cities.

A market can be organized as an auction, as a private electronic market, as a commodity wholesale market, as a shopping center, as a complex institution such as a stock market, and as an informal discussion between two individuals.

Markets of varying types can spontaneously arise whenever a party has interest in a good or service that some other party can provide. Hence there can be a market for cigarettes in correctional facilities, another for chewing gum in a playground, and yet another for contracts for the future delivery of a commodity. There can be black markets, where a good is exchanged illegally and virtual markets, such as eBay, in which buyers and sellers do not physically interact during negotiation. There can also be markets for goods under a command economy despite pressure to repress them.




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