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A Nation's Wealth

A nation's wealth can best be determined by looking at its people. It is impossible to rely on any one statistics. Economists define wealth as what a person owns, such as stocks and real estate, but many people look first to their level of income to see if they are well off. Comparing salaries in different countries, however, is like comparing potato and rice, because the salaries in each country are paid in different currencies. Exchange rates, defined by the foreign exchange markets all over the world, reflect the market's view of each country's economic and political situation. However it is difficult to translate salaries by simply using currency exchange rates as the cost of living varies widely from one country to another. There is something more valuable in looking at what salaries will actually buy in each country. By choosing a basket of

necessary goods and services and calculating their cost in different countries around the world, we can compare the purchasing power or "real" value of salaries from country to country. It gives us a more reliable exchange rate, called purchasing power parity (PPP).

1. A nation's wealth can best be determined by_____________ .

(A) statistics

(B) its currency exchange rates

(C) what people own

(D) people's salaries.

2. The cost of living_____________________________ .

(A) is the same in all countries

(B) is the same in different countries

(C) is subject to change

(D) varies from one country to another.

XIII. Переведите предложения на английский язык.

1. Для англоязычных стран характерно наличие рыночной эко­номики. 2. Рыночная экономика основана на свободном предпри­нимательстве. 3. Правительство играет важную роль в обеспече­нии равных экономических возможностей для своих граждан. 4. Такие экономические системы обычно относят к экономике смешанного типа. 5. Роль любой экономической системы — пред­видеть и удовлетворять потребности и желания граждан. 6. Для ус­пешного развития экономики необходимы природные ресурсы, технологии, рабочая сила, предприимчивость и навыки управле­ния. 7. Во всех развитых странах большое внимание уделяется об­разованию — это фактор развития общества. 8. Корпорация — это добровольная ассоциация собственников. 9. Для рыночной эко­номики характерны периоды подъема и спада. 10. Несмотря на пе­риоды депрессии и спада, экономику ведущих англоязычных стран характеризует тенденция к устойчивому росту.


XIV. Из четырех предложенных вариантов выберите един­
ственно правильный.

1. There is а . . . teachers at the school. A. short


2-1814 Дюкапсша

B. short of

C. shortage

D. shortage of

2. The prices here are ... at a discount store.

A. high than

B. higher than

С higher than those D. higher of those

3. To judge people, you should . . . listen to what they say but observe
what they do.

A. not only

B. not
С no

D. neither

4. This is a useful book . . . the topic.

A. for to research

B. by research

С for researching D. to researching

5. If at first you don't…, try again.

A. accomplish

B. prosper
С succeed
D. triumph

6. ... a student abroad, I was very homesick.

A. While

B. When

С It was when D. It while was

7. I will call you back as soon as my dinner. . . .

A. will finished

B. will be finished
С finished

D. is finished

8. Whoever phoned did not leave . . . name.

A. his

B. her
С their
D. one's

9. ... a waitress, Gloria has been promoted to hostess.
A. It was once

B. Once it was

С. That once

D. Once

10. Kevin ... to go into business with his father.

A. he plans

B. planning
С plans

D. that plans

11. Flying is not only faster but also . . . than travelling by car.

A. safe

B. safest

С it is safer

D. safer

12. Mary ... to her hometown after she graduated from university.

A. returned

B. returns

С returned back

D. returned backward

13. The management made us . . . doing it for next week.

A. put away

B. put off
С put out
D. put up

14. Professor Rogers wouldn't...us use dictionaries during the test.

A. let

B. lets
С leave
D. left

15.You should operate with .. . the rules and regulations.

A. regard

B. regard of
С regard to
D. regard for

16. In the past, energy sources were thought to be boundless.

A. without limits

B. expensive

C. inexpensive

D. natural

17. Keep two pencils handy while taking the examination.

A. extra

B. secret

C. near

D. sharp

18. Owners should be confident that their insurance will replace all of their merchandise.

A. Tutors

B. Proprietors
С Lenders
D. Debtors

19. The report specified seven areas where the Government had a responsibility.

A. confused

B. designed
С developed
D. separated

20. The Government rejected the Opposition's request to debate unemployment.

A. compromise

B. manuscript
С. petition

D. budget.

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