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Ex. 2.Read and act out the dialogues.

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At the doctor`s

PATIENT.May I see doctor N., the therapeutist?

CLERK.Doctor N. is not receiving just now. You can see doctor M.

P.Where does he see his patients?

CL.Room 20. Second floor to the right.

P.Thank you.

P.Are you all waiting for doctor M.?

2nd P.No, there are only two of us to see doctor M.

P.Is he a good specialist? I`ve never been to him before.

2nd P.Oh, yes, he`s quite an experienced doctor, I should say. He examines patients thoroughly. I`ve been… Oh, here comes the patient. It`s my turn now. Excuse me.

(In the consulting room)

PATIENT.Good morning, doctor.

DOCTOR.Morning. What is wrong with you?

P.I`m awfully sick, doctor. All night I`d been having an awful pain in the stomach.

DR.Why didn`t you call in a doctor?

P.Well, it had subsided a little in the morning so I thought I might come myself.

DR.Where does it pain you?

P.Here, doctor.

DR.Strip to the waist, please, and lie down on the coach.

(The patient undresses and lies down)

DR.Which side did you say the pain was on?

P.Right here, doctor.

(The doctor feels his stomach with his fingers)

DR.Any rigidity here?

P.I don`t feel any.


P.Oh, yes.

DR.What have you been eating of late?

P.Well, I think everything that I`ve always been used to – meat, cabbage, and the like.

DR.Does this often happen with you?

P.Not that I remember, doctor.

DR.Seems you will have to be operated on for appendicitis.

P.Yes? I`m rather scared, doctor.

DR.You needn`t be. Stand up and let me check your heart and blood pressure.

(The doctor checks)

P.Is it all right, doctor?

DR.Yes and your blood pressure is almost normal too.

(He gives the patient the thermometer)

Put this under your armpit.

(After some time)

A slight temperature. You may dress now. Well, here is admittance to the hospital. Good-bye.


A call

MOTHER. Someone is ringing. Go and see who is at the door, Annie.

ANNIE.It`s the doctor, ma. He has come to see little George.

MOTHER.Good morning, doctor. I am sorry to tell you that my little boy is ill.

DOCTOR.Indeed! I am sorry to hear it. Where is he?

MOTHER.This way, doctor.

DOCTOR.How long has he been ill?

MOTHER.Since yesterday morning, doctor.

DOCTOR.Well, my little friend, what`s the matter with you?

GEORGE.I have a pain in my head and in my throat.

DOCTOR.Let me see your tongue. It is thickly furred. Give me your hand and let me feel your pulse.

MOTHER.High, doctor?

DOCTOR.Rather. There is a little fever. (To George.) Have you any appetite?

GEORGE.No, sir. I haven`t eaten since yesterday.

DOCTOR.Are you thirsty?

GEORGE.Yes, sir.

DOCTOR.Do you sleep well?

GEORGE.Sometimes. Last night I didn`t sleep at all.

DOCTOR.I shall make out a prescription. (To the mother.) He should take the medicine a tablespoonful every 4 hours.

MOTHER.Yes, doctor. But is it serious?

DOCTOR.No, you need not fear. I`ll call around tomorrow at about the same time. Good-bye.

MOTHER.Good-bye, doctor.

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