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The Earth's climate is a very complicated system. What's more, it is now widely (0) .A. that human activity is having an effect on it. The pollution which (1).....from the use of oil and coal in industry, (2).....the increased use of private cars, is causing significant changes in temperature in many parts of the world. These changes often have a knock-on effect on other aspects of the climate, (3).....to things like extreme weather (4).....and rising sea levels.

Studying the changes which are taking (5).....and predicting those that are (6).....to happen in the future is now a major area of scientific research. The information which the scientists (7).....is very useful in helping governments to (8).....the effects of climate change and so be better prepared to (9).....with them. A much more (10).....problem, however, is how to prevent the situation from (11).....worse. This depends on how quickly, and to what extent, the (12).....of pollution in the atmosphere increases. Although many countries have now agreed to try and limit the pollution they create, much more (13).....to be done. If no further action is (14)......then temperatures are set to rise by about 0.2% per decade (15).....the 21st century. Such a rate of warming is greater than anything that has occurred over the last ten thousand years.

A recovers B concludes C results D happens
A as far as B as soon as C as long as D as well as
A leading B causing C finishing D producing
A examples B conditions C cases D instances
A point B part C path D place
A surely B probably C likely D possibly
A provide B progress C prove D propose
A prevent B pretend C predict D prefer
A handle B face C manage cope
A serious B determined C thoughtful D anxious
A going B giving C getting D gaining
A addition B amount C average D account
A needs B wants C wishes D hopes
A held B taken C made D carried
A already B during C while D still


Exercise 21. Read the whole text again and find:

1. four examples of verb + particle or preposition

2. two collocations with take

3. one collocation with have

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Part 16. Научно-технический прогресс. История науки. Знаменательные научные открытия прошлого.


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