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A a way of dealing with a problem, an answer

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Ba liquid mixed with a solid or a gas

Ca way of dealing with a difficult situation


9.Tiny "computers" on a CHIP are used in medical equipment, home appliances, cars and toys.

Ato kick or hit a ball a short distance through the air

Ba small piece of silicon that is used inside a computer to make it work

Ca thin piece of potato fried in hot fat or oil

D the place where a small piece of stone, glass, wood etc. has broken off

Eto break a small piece off the edge or surface of something


10.Financial markets have grown more VOLATILE since exchange rates were freed in 1973.

Athat can change suddenly and unexpectedly

Bthat can easily change into a gas

Cchanging quickly from one mood to another

11.At the same time, companies' profit margins have been SQUEEZED.

Ato force sb/sth into or through a small space

Bthe amount of liquid that you can get from squeezing an orange

Can act of pressing something firmly

Dto press something hard for a particular purpose


12.This server covers the Commodore range of 8 BIT computers, but mainly the Commodore 64.

Aa part of something

Bthe smallest unit of information used by a computer

Cuse your teeth to cut through something (past tense)

Da small amount


13.During the last hundred years, though, a completely new CLASS of instruments has appeared.

Aa group of students who are taught together

Ba group of words, plants, animals etc. of a similar type

Cto put something or somebody into a particular group or type

Dinformal - high quality

Ethe way people are divided into social groups


14.A WAVE is a disturbance that moves through a medium without causing the medium itself to move significantly.

Ato move your hand from side to side, usually to attract attention

Ba gentle curve in your hair

Ca line of water moving across the surface of water, especially the sea, that is higher than the rest of the surface

Dthe form that some types of energy, such as sound, heat and light etc take when they move


15. TABLES that give the daily positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets can easily be obtained.

A(UK) to suggest something for discussion

B(USA) to leave discussion to a later time

Ca piece of furniture with a flat top supported by legs

Da list of facts or figures, usually arranged in rows and columns down a page

(To check your answers go to http://www.uefap.com/vocab/exercise/dic/mean.htm)


Task 2. Write down the subjects in which the following words are frequent.



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