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Adonis Dive Centre

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  1. Glasgow Science Centre

Our experienced instructors offer one-month courses in deep-sea diving for beginners. There are two evening lessons a week, in which you learn to breathe underwater and use the equipment safely. You only need a swimming costume and towel. Reduced rates for couples.

Windmill Tennis Academy

Learn to play tennis in the heart of the city and have fun at our tennis weekends. Arrive on Friday evening, learn the basic strokes on Saturday and play in a competition on Sunday. There's also a disco and swimming pool. White tennis clothes and a racket are required.

Hilton Ski Centre

If you take our 20-hour course a week or two before your skiing holiday, you'll enjoy your holiday more. Learn how to use a ski-lift, how to slow down and, most importantly, how to stop! The centre is open from noon to 10 p.m. Skis and boots can be hired.

Avon Watersports Club

We use a two-kilometre length of river for speedboat racing and water-skiing. A beginners' course consists of ten 20-minute lessons. You will learn to handle boats safely and confidently, but must be able to swim. The club is in a convenient central position and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lessons all through the day.

Glenmorie Golf Club

After a three-hour introduction with a professional golfer, you can join this golf club. The course stretches across beautiful rolling hills and is open from dawn until dusk daily. There are regular social evenings on Saturdays in the club bar. You will need your own golf equipment.

Hadlow Aero Club

Enjoy a different view of the countryside from one of our two-seater light aeroplanes. After a 50-hour course with our qualified instructor, you could get your own pilot's licence. Beginners' lessons for over-18s are arranged on weekdays after 4 p.m.




Часть 1

1. Определите, какое слово ближе всего по значению к выделенному слову.



a) business deal

b) war c) ceremony

d) show


a) able to be heard b) believable c) willing d) nearly


a) total b) study c) approval d) majority opinion


a) forgotten b) lacking c) complete d) well-known



a) display b) discover c) pickup d) choose



2. a) Найдите в словаре и внесите в таблицу все слова производные от выделенных слов.

b) Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав необходимую форму.


Example: 1. He said 'Good morning' in a most _____ way. FRIEND


noun verb adjective adverb
friend ------ friendly --------


1. He said 'Good morning' in a most friendlyway.

2. …………………………………………………


David's _____ at winning the competition was clear to everyone. ASTONISHThat large dog is perfectly _____ and has never been known to attack anyone. HARM

Work is going on to _____ the bridge, which carries a great deal of traffic. STRONG

It took him a long time to recover from the____of his mother. DIE

The____of poverty, disease and ignorance must be our principal aim. CONQUER


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