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On TV tonight


Do-it-yourself!Tonight, this practical look at home improvements considers how to make life easier for those who prepare the family meals! If you want to find out which is the right paint to use and explore new possibilities for even the smallest cooking spaces, you'll find all the answers you need tonight - or on the programme's seriously detailed website.


High challenge.Tonight's true story is about one man's attempt to reach the top of one of the most difficult mountains in the world fifty years ago. Recreated from diary entries and newspaper reports, this wonderful film will hold your attention right to the end, with its amazing camerawork and unusually detailed content on this little-known climber.

Memorable people.This series has looked at a number of important people, from the scientist Charles Darwin to Brunei, the great nineteenth-century engineer. Tonight's programme will introduce us to Sir Humphry Davy, whose famous development of the Davy safety lamp in 1815 changed the lives of miners and their families forever.

Shelley's kitchen.Visit top chef David Shelley's home tonight, for an amusing half-hour of recipes and personal stories. In his own kitchen, Shelley will be preparing recipes from the Italian mountain regions. He will cook a range of delicious mountain dishes consisting mainly of cheese, herbs and potatoes. Perfect entertainment for vegetarians!

New homes.Continuing the lives of people who have moved to different countries in the last twelve months, tonight's episode follows Berit as she leaves her home in Norway and drives south to her dream house in Spain. Even when she learns her furniture is stuck on a lorry north of the border, Berit doesn't stop smiling. Highly entertaining TV.

Friends like us.This Australian comedy series has many fans, who love its gentle jokes and true-to-life characters. This evening, Val's cousin has come for a short holiday, and decides to redesign the apartment while everyone is out at work, which is very unpopular, and makes Val finally say what's on her mind.

Introducing the Matterhorn.Terry Martin visits Switzerland to find out more about the famous mountain, filming it both in winter and summer. He discusses how and when the Matterhorn was formed, and informs the viewer about the wildlife and plants found beneath its snowline, as well as telling some amusing stories about nineteenth-century climbers.

Travel shop.Tonight's programme reviews four of the best holiday destinations in Europe and includes a special report on camping opportunities in the USA this summer. There's also a detailed look at the cut-price weekend breaks available on the internet, with advice on the best sites for last-minute bookings.



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