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Requiem for a Dream 4 страница

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Ada had everything ready. For twenty‑five years she had been dyeing her own hair and in her sleep she can turn anyone into a redhead. Maybe not knowing always ahead of time exactly what shade of red, but red. She first made each a glass tea because, believe me, youll need it to wash out the taste and smell, then she got to work. She set everything up on the kitchen table and worked in such a way that they could watch the action on the television. Ada wrapped a bath towel around Saras neck and started stripping her hair. Saras face twisted and wrinkled like a prune, Ech, what a smell. Thats the Gawanus Canal? Just relax dolly, you got a long way to go. Youll get used to it. Get used to it? Im almost losing my appetite. They both chuckled and Ada continued the slow stripping process as they listened to, and watched, the television. After an hour or so, Sara became accustomed to the smell and her appetite returned and she wondered if they would be finished before lunch time. Sweetie, we/re lucky if we/re finished before supper. So long? Thats right. With you we/re starting from scatch one. And I thought I would catch a little sun today. In a box youll catch it. You just relax and think how gorgeous youll look with your red hair. Today the hair tomorrow the sun.

The heat and the sun awakened Harry and Marion in the afternoon. They each tried to convince themselves to go back to sleep and not let the other one know they were awake, but after a few minutes the game became tedious. Especially for Harry thinking of the nice taste he had saved for now. He sat on the side of the bed for a moment, then went to the bathroom and threw some cold water on his face, rubbed it with a towel, then filled a glass with water. Hey baby, get up and get your works, I got a little somethin here. Marion sat up and blinked for a moment as she stared at the bathroom door. You putting me on Harry? Hey, I dont play those kind of games. Me and Ty scored for some way out dynamite shit yesterday and I still got a good taste left. Marion got her works and joined Harry in the bathroom, Here. She put the cooker on the sink and Harry tapped some heroin in, then the water, and cooked it up. He drew all the fluid up in the dropper then squeezed half of it out and passed it over to Marion, Ladys first. Well, thank you kind sir. Marion wasnt fully awake, still feeling the grogginess that comes from a long party and sleeping during a hot afternoon, but she was alert enough to tie up and pump up a good vein in a couple of seconds and get a good hit. She started to nod almost immediately and Harry took the works from her hand and cleaned them then tied up and got off himself. They sat on the side of the tub for a few minutes, rubbing their faces and smoking. Harry tossed his butt in the toilet and got up, Whatta ya say we get dressed for a while, and went back to the bedroom and put on his shirt and pants. Marion continued to sit on the side of the tub, rubbing her nose, until the heat from her shortening cigarette forced her eyes open and she tossed the butt in the toilet and washed her face, slowly, hanging over the bowl looking at the water and the face cloth, smiling at them, thinking of how she would pick up the cloth and soap it and then scrub her face and rinse it and splash on cold water then pat it dry… while just spinning the cloth around, dreamily, with the tip of her finger. Eventually she picked up the cloth and lovingly caressed the water from it and rubbed her face then stood up and looked in the mirror… then smiled. She let her face air dry and enjoyed the tingling sensation, then cupped her hands under her breasts and smiled with joy and pride as she turned and posed in various angles admiring their size and firmness. She thought of brushing her hair but just fluffed it with her hands, luxuriating in its feel and sheen, then posed for a few more minutes before putting on her robe and joining Harry at the kitchen table. O, you finally got out, eh? I thought maybe you fell in. She smiled, I thought you were trying to, and she grabbed his breasts and squeezed. Hey, take it easy. You wanta give me a cancer? He slapped her on the ass and she smiled again and sat down and lit a cigarette. Jesus, thats some good stuff. Harry leered at her, What are you talking about? She smiled. Animal. Yeah. You love it. I didnt hear you complaining. Hey, you know me, Im a happy go lucky clod. Well, I dont know how happy you are, and they both chuckled, almost inaudibly, their faces in wide grins and their eyes partially closed. Marion poured a couple of glasses of Perrier water and Harry stared at the bubbles for a minute then asked if she had any soda? No, but I have some limes. Harry giggled. They sat smoking and drinking Perrier water until the nod started to wear off and they settled in with a fine, mellow feeling as their eyes started to open a hair at a time. After a second glass Marion asked Harry if he wanted something to eat, Yeah, but not until ya take a bath, and he giggled. Animal. Will you settle for some yogurt? Harry started laughing, Yogurt??? Wow… and you call me an animal, and he continued laughing. Marion chuckled, Sometimes I think youre sick. Sometimes? Yes, sometimes. The rest of the time theres absolutely no doubt. She took a couple of containers of yogurt out of the refrigerator and put them on the table, along with two spoons. Well, Im glad that at least some of the time you have no doubts. Indecision is a terrible thing. Still on the pineapple yogurt kick, eh? Yes. I love it. But dont you ever get the hots for strawberry or blueberry or any of them? No. Just pineapple. I could live on it the rest of my life. Well baby, if eating pineapple yogurt every day will get you looking the way you do Im all for it. Marion pulled her shoulders back and turned slightly in a pose, You like the way I look? Hey, you kiddin? Youre sensational baby, Harry leaned across the table, Youre good enough to eat. Well, maybe you had better start with the yogurt. Its very nourishing. O yeah? You mean it puts lead in your pencil, eh? Okay, take a letter, and he started laughing. Marion shook her head as she smiled and put a spoonful of yogurt in her mouth then licked her lips. How can you laugh at those jokes of yours, they are positively terrible. Yeah, but I lovem. If I dont laugh, who will? Marion continued to smile as she finished her yogurt. They had another glass of Perrier water and were really enjoying their high even though they were sweating from the heat of the day and the dope. Harry closed his eyes and started breathing deeply, a serene smile on his face. What are you doing? Sniffing. Sniffing? Sniffing what? Us baby. Us.

It smells like the Fulton Fish Market in here. Marion smiled and shook her head, Don’t be so gauche. At least its better than being crass, and anyway, Im lovable. Harry laughed and Marion chuckled, then he got up, Why dont we take a bath? Marion smiled, I didnt think you knew how, and then she started laughing, I like that. That was a good one. They both laughed and he took off his pants and shorts and tossed them on the bed as they went back into the bathroom. Marion put some bath oil in the water and they plopped in the tub and luxuriated in the smooth, scented water and washed each other slowly, as they worked the soap in to a lather and caressed the lather over each others body, then slowly dripped water over each other, floating away the heat of the afternoon.

Sara continued to stare in the mirror, blinking. Thats red? Ada shrugged, Well its not exactly red but its almost, maybe, in the same family. The same family? Theyre not even distant cousins already. Well, maybe a poor relation. Not even welfare. How poor is poor? How poor is poor? How high is up? Its a red. Not a red red, but a red. Red? Youre telling me this is a red? Yeah. Im telling. Its a red. Youre saying a red? Yeah. Im saying. Then whats orange? If this is red I want to know whats orange? I want to see an orange thats not even a poor relation of this. Ada looked at Saras hair, then her reflection, her hair, reflection, then pursed her lips and shrugged, Well, it could be a little orange too. A little orange? Ada kept nodding as she stared in the mirror at Saras reflection, Yeah, it looks like it could be, maybe, a little orange. A little orange? Its a little orange like being a little bit pregnant. Ada shrugged again. So whats to worry? Itll be alright. Whats to worry? Someone may try to juice me. Relax, relax, dolly. It just needs a little more dye. Itll be alright for the television. I look like a thermometer. Thats what I look like. Like an upside down thermometer. So dont blow your top. Relax. We/ll have some smoked fish and bialy. Come, come, sit down. Ada led Sara away from the mirror and sat her down at the table. I/ll get you a glass tea and youll feel better. Ada put the water on and got the fish out of the refrigerator and the bialy from the bread box, and the plates and utensils. All day long Im getting my scalp scraped, and burned and smelling like dead fish and I look like a basketball. You should learn to relax. Thats your trouble, you dont know how to relax already. Im telling you its alright. Tomorrow we/ll do it again and youll look like Lucille Ball. Here, have a piece of smoked fish and bialy.

Tyrone fell by Marions pad shortly after sunset. They sat around smoking a joint for a while then Marion decided they should eat, Im starving. Yeah, me too, get me a Snickers. Damn Ty, dont you ever eat anything except Snickers? Yeah, Chuckles. Ah digs Chuckles. You sure as hell dont know anything about eating, man. What you need is some good chicken noodle soup. Sheeit, Pepsi and a Snickersll take care of anything. Well, I hope you wont be offended, but I am not going to get any TV specials. When I am hungry I eat food– and no remarks from you Harry, chuckling as he grinned broadly. I didnt say a word. No, but you are thinking very loudly. Sheeit, if he ever had a thought it/d be his first one. They all chuckled and Marion left for the store and came back a short time later with a large loaf of crisp French bread, cheese, salami, black olives, caponata and a couple bottles of cheap chianti. Hey baby, lookit that, soul food. Youd better not let the M A F I A hear you say that Theyd get very bugged. Whats that? The Militant Association ForItalian Americans. They would burn your ass man. Sheeit, the onlyest difference between them and me is that ah smell better. Why dont one of you bon vivants open the bottles while I get some plates. Groovy. Here ya go man. Harry tossed the corkscrew to Tyrone and went over to the stereo and turned on a music station. In a matter of minutes Marion had set the table with plates, silverware, knife and cutting board. Harry poured the wine then sniffed his glass, sipped it, rolled it around in his mouth then smacked his lips. Great bouquet. Full rich body. Hearty yet smooth. A magnificent wine. Must be at least a week old, right? Sheeit I sure as hell dont care how old it is. Just so long as they dont wash they dirty socks in it. Where this wine comes from Tyrone, they dont wear socks. Oooo, this chick is bad jim, ah mean bad, and they continued to laugh and chuckle as they cut hunks out of the salami, the bread and the cheese and wash them down with the wine, sopping up some caponata with their bread or rolling it up in a slice of salami and stuffing it in their mouths, the guys wiping their mouths with the backs of their hands as Marion dabbed at hers with a napkin, then Harry picked up his napkin and started using it. Marion ate slowly and leisurely and Harry slowed his pace to hers. When they finished there were only bread crumbs and salami skin left on the plates. They made coffee and lit a joint. When the joint was finished Marion brought out the dessert, three cannolis. Tyrone dug into his with enthusiasm and Harry battled his trying to duplicate Marions cool way of eating it without the cream squirting all over, by gently breaking off small pieces with her fork and putting them ever so delicately into her mouth and waiting the appropriate length of time after slowly chewing and swallowing before sipping her coffee and dabbing her mouth genteelly with her napkin. When they finished Tyrone leaned back, patted his stomach,

Guhddamn… now that was somethin else. They refilled their coffee cups and lit another joint and luxuriated in the feeling of deep and all pervading satisfaction, a feeling of knowing absolutely that all was well with the world and them and that the world was not only their oyster it was also their linguine with clam sauce. Not only were all things possible, but all things were theirs. Harry gazed at Tyrone C. Love through half closed eyes, I think maybe we/d better forget about goin down and shapin up tonight, eh? O man, ah dont even want to talk about work right now, not that ah ever am too hip on it, but right now ah just wants to think of Tyrone C. Love an how goooooood he feel. Tyrone looked up in the air for a minute, then smiled, Well maybe ah feels like thinkin about some fine fox, but ah damn sure dont want to have anythin to do with work in any way, shape or form, uh uh. Marion opened her eyes as wide as possible and raised her eyebrows. What is this about work? You lose a bet? Tyr one started giggling, Damn, this a righteous chick, jim. Harry chuckled for a minute then ran down their idea about working for a short time, a very short time, and getting enough bread together to get a piece of Brodys shit and cut it and off it. When he finished Marion was actually listening. She agreed that it was a good idea, But I just cant see you guys getting there at that time in the morning. Well, we/ll make it. You may make it there, but how long are you going to last? Hey baby, dont be a bring down, ah feels too good. We figure we/ll cop some bennies and thatll get us through. They all smiled and nodded. Well, if thats all you want I can take care of that. I always have a supply of dexies and downers. Sheeit, dont rush it now. We needs time to think about this, right man? Harry laughed, Dont panic Ty, we aint goin to work tonight. You bet your sweet ass ah aint. Uh uh. No way ahm gonna blow a nice high like this. They laughed, then Harry got serious for a moment. How about tomorrow? We/ll cool it during the day and when we/re ready to go we/ll drop some dexies and take a few with us just in case. Whatta you say Ty? Sheeit, ahm down jim. But remember, tomorrow. Mah sainted mutha always tole me dont never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. An there be a fox ahm goin to see tonight that aint about to let me go before tomorrow. You have enough dexies to keep us working? You know we aint about to make it on the natch. Of course. I told you I have a couple of doctors writing for me. Then we/re cool. Tomorrow night we make it, right? You got it baby, and they slapped palms. We is on our way.

Sara was in her viewing chair, watching the television, reading her diet book and rationing the chocolates to herself. She read the introduction and then skimmed and skipped through the various chapters dealing with the need to be the proper weight, the charts that showed the proper weight for each height, the charts that showed the incidence of various disease with pounds and percentage of overweight. It was a case of lose weight or suffer a lingering and ignoble death. Then came the chapter that proved why this method was superior to all other methods and how the chemical balance created in the body from this diet would force the body to burn its fat and the pounds would melt away like ice in the sun. That sounds nice. Maybe tomorrow I/ll get some sun. She continued to read and finally started skipping pages, I believe already, but wheres the diet???? At last. After almost a hundred pages she came to the diet. FIRST WEEK. She took the entire page in at once. She blinked, then sectioned it off and looked at it. It didn’t change. Then she read it. Line by line she read the entire page. It remained the same. She rummaged around, without looking, in the chocolate box for a chocolate covered caramel and chewed and sucked on it as she continued to stare at the page in disbelief.



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