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Shall, will

65. Comment on the modal colouring of the following sentences with shall:

1. You shall not search my rooms. You have no right to do it. I forbid you! 2. He hasn't seen you and he shan't. 3. The police shall take you up. 4. All right; if she wants to be opened up, she shall be. 5. You shall go up and down and round the town in a taxi every day. 6. You shall have all the news I can send you. 7. "Shall I order a taxi?" he asked. 8. That shall be put an end to now and for ever!

66. Comment on the meaning of will and would. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1. I will let you know, so you can be there. 2.1 will tell you what it is. 3. I will make your excuses to Margaret. 4. If it had been a girl I would have called her after my mother. 5. Will you go out on the terrace and look at the sunset? 6. I am afraid — if you will excuse me — I must join my wife. 7. Arthur, would you mind seeing if Mrs. Erlynne has come back? 8. I want a photograph of you, — would you give me one? 9. Will you ask them to call my carriage, please? 10. Will you go and look over the photograph album that I see there? 11. I will never speak to you again. 12. No, no! I will go back, let Arthur do with me what he pleases. 13. But I told him I wouldn't give him an answer till tomorrow. 14. You did want to come, although you wouldn't say so. 15. She'd like you to ring her up this afternoon, before five-thirty, if you would. 16. I should be so glad if you would tell him to come up, Jane. 17. I knocked more than once but she wouldn't let me in. 18. "I wish' you would leave me alone sometimes," said Dora. 19.1 suppose this will be the last ball of the season? 20. He would sit on the bed beside him and watch him for hours. 21. I smoke like a chimney! And my lighter won't work.

67. Comment on the meaning of shall and will. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1. Where shall we put this vase? 2. I want to be helpful to you both; if you -will let me. 3. Don't you worry about anything. I will be all right. 4. "You must always come to me if anything goes wrong." "Of course, I will," she said as if she were soothing him. 5. Will there be time to buy the tickets? 6. I'll begin again and you shan't stop me this time! 7, "Do give my love to Christine," said Dora. "Surely I will," said Michael. 8. Children, have you been playing with my umbrella? It won't open! 9. They shall not pass! 10. Will you have something to drink? 11. How long will your friends be here? 12. You shall have it back tomorrow. 13. As he can't create anything himself, he is determined you won't, 14. Will you come to tea tomorrow? 15. He shall never come here again! I'll take care of it. 16. If you will wait here a moment, I'll fetch you a chair.

68. Replace shall and will with the suggested alternative verb, making any necessary changes:

1. It will soon rain. Look at the clouds, (to be going) 2. You shall stay here till I come back, (to be to) 3. I won't do what you tell me. (to refuse) 4. You shall have an apple after dinner, (to promise) 5. What will you do now? (to be going) 6. We shall visit all the sights of London, (to hope) 7. When will you learn English properly? (to intend) 8. This time next week I shall be in St. Petersburg, (to hope) 9. Will he listen to my singing, do you think? (to like) 10. Do you think they'll follow us all the way home? (to mean)

69. Fill in the blanks with should or would:

1. "If I see him," I said, "I'll let you know." "I ... be very much obliged if you ... ," said Brown. 2. But I ...n't lie about a thing like that,... I? 3. ... you drive us back to Campden Hill? 4. She ...n't go in to supper with anyone but Winton. 5. If I were you I... buy that hat, I like the colour very much. 6, It's ridiculous that you ... conceal it from your mother. 7. If only Henrietta ... make up her mind to marry him. 8. Why ... I suffer more than I've suffered already? Why ... I? 9. ... you care to come to tea with us? 10. He ...n't look at her. He shook her off gently and gently said, "We'll see about that." 11. He pressed something into her palm. "Here's a shilling in case you ... need it." 12. I wonder if you ... mind me laying down my umbrella. 13. Why, oh! Why ... I have to expose my misfortune to the public like this? 14. He ... rather listen to the others than talk himself. 15. He ordered that the horses ... be saddled. 16. She ... sit for hours watching the ships. 17. I wish you ...n't quarrel with Jessie. 18. He fully believed, had it been necessary, she... have been a genius at anything. 19. In order to make these demands effective we suggested that there ... be no return to work today. 20. Why don't you want to stay another week in the country? It... do you only good.

70. Translate the sentences into English, using should or would:

1. Он предложил, чтобы собрание было назначено на пятницу. 2. Мы спросили маму, не возражает ли она против поездки за город на машине. 3. Мне бы хотелось, чтобы ты с отцом не спорила. 4. С какой стати я стану помогать ему? Он просто ленится и все может сделать сам. 5. Удивительно, как некоторые дети невнимательны к своим родителям! 6. Вполне естественно, что студенты хотят знать как можно больше о народе, язык которого они изучают. 7. Не будете ли вы любезны немного подождать? Ваши документы еще не готовы. 8. Нам хотелось узнать некоторые детали, но он не стал ничего обсуждать с нами. Мы были разочарованы. 9. Доктор настаивает на том, чтобы она строго соблюдала диету. 10. Принести вам стакан воды? — Да, если вы будете так любезны. И. Необходимо, чтобы каждый член клуба принимал участие в работе его секций. 12. Если она вдруг спросит вас об этом, скажите, что я ей обо всем напишу сам. 13. Не хочешь ли немного супа? Он очень вкусный. 14. За чаем, который они пили с лимоном, Соме сказал, что скоро будет война. 15. Зачем мне делать то, что мне не нравится? — Неважно, нравится тебе это или не нравится. Это следует сделать, и ты это знаешь. 16. Я, пожалуй, почитаю с полчасика перед сном. У меня интересная книга. 17. Я был бы вам премного обязан, если бы вы пришли в шесть часов. 18. Почем мне знать, что они собираются делать? Они никогда ничего мне не говорят. 19. Как я ни старался, ящик не выдвигался. 20. Детям следовало бы остаться дома в такую скверную погоду.

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