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Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words given in exercise 15. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.

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17. Find in the text the synonyms to the following words:


§ contemporary § main § talks
§ understanding § with the help of § to study
§ specialist § can § manner
§ to assist § to need § worth


18. Find in the text the antonyms to the following words and expressions:


§ modern § essential § to be able
§ apparent § stable § non-refundable
§ to hire § amateur § to feel comfortable
§ dependent § certain § to be impossible


19.Give Russian equivalents to the following word combinations:

Contemporary society; to be able to speak foreign languages; an important advantage; in any field; the immediate access; the hottest technological information; all over the world; to be very useful; important reasons

20. Choose among the words in parentheses the one that corresponds to the text above to complete the sentences:


1. The way people live in the modern society requires new standards of___.

(a. thinking; b. culture; c. communication)

2. Higher education cannot be called___without at least one foreign language.

(a. finished; b. completed; c. valuable)

3. However not only scientists and businessmen___languages

(a. need; b. look for; c. try).

4. The importance of learning foreign languages is___.

(a. clear; b. great; c. apparent)

5. Have you noticed that___craziness about foreign languages?

(a. unique; b. universal; c. absolute)

6.___you are an expert in your field, nobody cares what language you are speaking.

(a. as long as; b. before; c. after)

7. It is stylish___to speak a foreign language.

(a. as long as; b. to have; c. to be able to)

8. Foreign languages can___; they help to accept the variety of mentalities existing in the world.

(a. enrich; b. educate; c. make)

9. It is not nice to be dependent on___and travel agents.

(a. translators; b. speakers; c. interpreters)

10. It is impossible to be a___without a good command of a foreign language.

(a. professional; b. specialist; c. expert)


21. Read Text 5A once more. In pairs, discuss the statements below. Say what you think about them and ask your partner if he/she agrees or disagrees with you. Use the following phrases to help you:


Agreeing That’s right Undoubtedly Exactly That’s true That’s what it is… Disagreeing That’s wrong I don’t think so Quite the opposite I am not sure I don’t think so…


The way people live in the modern society requires new standards of communication and that is why it is an essential demand of the contemporary society to be able to speak foreign languages.

Higher education can be called completed without foreign languages.

There is no use learning foreign language because personal contacts do not make your negotiations more efficient.

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