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PRE-TEXT EXERCISES. 1. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:

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1. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:


Business; partner; vision; mentality; tolerance; stable; tendency; expert; occupation; opportunities


2. Here are some expressions with the preposition into. Translate and learn them:


§ to cut into § to divide into
§ to take into consideration § to translate into


3. Fill in the gaps with the preposition into or the expressions given above in the appropriate form:


1. Please ___ the meat ___ ten slices. There will be ten of us.

2. She ___ novels ___ German.

3. We always ___ all the remarks given.

4. He ___ his sandwich ___ three parts.

5. They ___ the apple ___ five pieces.

6. All your wishes ___.

7. They translated the text ___ English.

8. We have ___ the cake ___ six slices and put them on the table.


4. Fill in the correct prepositions:


1. We always like to play ___ the open air.

2. They hoped to find his relatives but ___ vain.

3. We came ___ the end of the month.

4. He laughed ___ her and she began to cry.

5. He visited his sick uncle day ___ day.

6. She went to Sochi ___ plane.

7. Her father was a surgeon ___ profession.

8. Be very attentive and think it ___.

9. She apologized ___ her brother for forgetting to buy the cigarettes for him.

10. We subscribed ___ five newspapers and two magazines.

11. This house is ___ repair and we can’t move this month.

12. Don’t wake me ___ so early because I had a sleepless night.

13. He filled the glass ___ cold water and slowly drank it.

14. It goes ___ saying that he always washes dishes.


5. Fill in the gaps with the correct word to complete the sentences:


1. Ted was sorry ___ his behaviour and apologized to his parents.

a) for; b) on; c) of.

2. I have been waiting ___ you for three hours.

a) in; b) for; c) of.

3. He got the papers somewhere ___ and gave them to us.

a) from behind; b) from among; c) from on.

4. The situation has got ___ in the last three days.

a) from good to better; b) from bad to worse; c) from nice to nicer.

5. We were translating the text ___ French when the principal entered.

a) on; b) in; c) into.

6. The book consisted ___ twenty units connected with each other.

a) of; b) at; c) from.

7. They are fond ___ skating very much and spend a lot of time on the lake.

a) after; b) on; c) of.

8. It was ___ his power to help her in this case.

a) down; b) beyond; c) after.

9. Please write it ___ in your copy books at once.

a) over; b) above; c) down.

10. I know he did it ___ purpose but I cannot prove it.

a) on; b) at; c) in.


6. Explain the meaning of the following phrases in English:


New standards of communication; to be able to speak foreign languages; understanding and tolerance towards other peoples’ views

7. BRAINSTORMING: What is your understanding of the words below? Give examples.


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