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UNIT 10. Pre-Text Exercises Word Building Active Vocabulary Text 10 A


Pre-Text Exercises Word Building Active Vocabulary   Text 10 A. What is Electricity? Text 10 B. Electric Power Generation Text 10 C. More Facts About Electricity Text 10 D. Electric Motors   Text And Vocabulary Exercises Conversational Practice The Business Letter Writing Practice




1. Choose the correct word to fill the gaps:


1. She left ___ the afternoon without saying good bye.

a) in; b) on; c) at.

2. Monty arrived ___ a cold winter day and we were very glad to see him.

a) at; b) on; c) in.

3. ___ last he remembered all the facts and wrote them down not to forget them again.

a) in; b) on; c) at.

4. They went to Paris ___ train because they liked it.

a) by; b) on; c) in.

5. The weather was rather warm and we decided to go ___ a walk.

a) at; b) on; c) for.

6. He knew a lot of poems and liked to recite them ___ memory.

a) for; b) from; c) on.

7. We didn’t know what to do ___ these circumstances and asked him for advice.

a) under; b) at; c) by.

8. They always keep everything ___ secret.

a) on; b) at; c) in.

7. He was going along the forest picking ___ all the mushrooms he saw.

a) on; b) at; c) up.

8. Ring me ___ when you come home. I’ll be waiting for your call.

a) up; b) on; c) over.

9. This face was strange ___ me and I couldn’t recall it at all.

a) on; b) to; c) at.

2. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases in English:


§ electricity § electric current § generator


3. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word to complete the sentences:


1. Maxwell defines electricity as a ___ physical quantity.

measuring measurable immeasurable measure


2. The properties of charged bodies ___ such that the charge of one body may be equal to that of another.

were is are was


3. Faraday investigated the nature of electricity and frequently used the ___ «quantity of electricity» to refer to quantities of electric charge.

term word pronouncement name


4. The nucleus contains positively charged particles ___ protons and uncharged particles called neutrons.

call is calling called had called


5. Power is a basic part of nature and it is one of our ___ widely used forms of energy.

most more less least


6. An electric power station uses either a turbine, engine, water wheel, or other similar machine ___ an electric generator or a device that converts mechanical or chemical energy to power.

drives drove to drive had driven


7. Dictionaries often define electricity as «a fundamental entity ___ nature consisting of negative and positive kinds.»

of in with within


8. If a charged particle moves through a constant magnetic field, its speed stays the same, but its direction is ___ changing.

constantly constant inconstant inconstantly


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