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Ex.3 Read and translate.

Incidents of unruly and disruptive behaviour by passengers on board an aircraft appear to be increasing. It is sometimes referred to as “air rage”. It can be also defined as any behaviour on board an aircraft which interferes with the crew in the conduct of their duties and disrupts the safe operation of an aircraft. Here are some examples.

Fighting passengers cause plane to divert. A brawl between football fans forced a plane to make an emergency landing in Germany last Friday. The men, aged 24 and 36, had been drinking and could not be restrained by cabin crew after they started fighting.

Vegas flight lands in Denver after air rage incident. A US airliner en route to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver after a passenger tried to open an exterior door on the plane, officials say. The man had reportedly consumed alcohol before and during the flight. “There was a disturbance on board involving an unruly passenger, and the pilots decided to divert to Denver”, local police said in a statement.

Abusive flyer offloaded from aircraft. An aircraft returned to its stand after taxiing for take-off to offload a passenger who had become abusive with a cabin crew member. The CA asked him to put his seat upright, but received verbal abuse in response, said an airline official. It is not known whether the passenger was drunk. When informed of the incident, the captain decided to turn the aircraft back to the stand to offload the unruly passenger.

Woman who hit CAs jailed after forced landing of Tokyo flight. A 42 – year – old woman has been jailed after causing a trans – Pacific flight to be diverted to Anchorage, Alaska. The woman was aboard the Delta Airlines flight from Tokyo to New York when, about 45 minutes into the flight, she began assaulting a CA who was offering a beverage service. CAs tried to calm her down, but she continued screaming profanities in Japanese and hit four CAs before being handcuffed and seat-belted in her seat. She continued to struggle and unbuckled her seatbelt several times, causing CAs to set up a 30 – minute rotation to watch her. Pilots were forced to dump 70,000 pounds of jet fuel to land in Anchorage and hand her over to local police.

One too many. A passenger was arrested on Friday after his flight landed on charges that he assaulted the flight crew. The man drunk five glasses of wine after boarding the flight in Atlanta, Georgia, authorities said. He became abusive when the CAs refused to serve him the sixth drink. When the purser arrived to try to calm him down, he grabbed her arms and hands. CAs armed themselves with a fire extinguisher and positioned drinks trolley in the aisles in case the man tried to get into the cockpit.

Drunk passenger jailed after going on rampage at 30,000ft. A drunken passenger went on a rampage at 30,000 feet after cabin crew caught him trying to get into the first class section. During the nine-and-a-half hour flight, the man, who was travelling in economy class, walked up and down the aisles shouting abuse, reducing passengers to tears and causing his own daughter, aged 15, to go and sit with the crew to hide from him. He was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.



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