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  1. Ex.6 Listening (15). Listen to the conversations and write them down.


A:Come along, we are only just in time for the train.

B: Oh, no! We're all right: it doesn't go out for another twenty

minutes yet. A: I thought it went at 12.30.

В: No, not till 12.50.

A: Oh, that's all right! Have you got the tickets?

B: No, let's go along to the booking-office. 1 want a few maga­zines and newspapers, so we'll call at the bookstall on the way.

A: Yes, and I've left a bag in the cloakroom: I'll just slip along there and reclaim it while you get the tickets and newspa­pers.

B: Right — he! I'll meet you outside the left-luggage office in ten minutes' time.


C: I'm glad you are coming on my train: we can travel togeth­er. Have you a reserved seat? D: No, the train isn't very crowded and we'll get a seat quite

easily. Here's a porter; he can put our bags in the guard's van

and find us seats. Porter! Porter: Yes, sir. You want these bags to go into the luggage van

of the 12.50. Are the bags labelled, sir? C: Yes, there's a tie-on label on mine and a stick-on label on

my friend's. Get us two corner seats in a first-class smoker. Porter: Very good, sir. Better come along at once; the train is

filling up quickly. Platform 14. D: Ah! Here we are. How do you like to sit, facing the engine

or with your back to it? C: I don't mind either way, but if it's all the same to you I'd

prefer to sit the way the train is going. D: That will suit me perfectly. I'm rather fussy about not sitting

in a draught, so I prefer to sit with my back to the engine.


A: Well, here we are, ready for the journey.

B: Put this small bag on the rack above your head, will you? I'll

just go along the corridor and see where the dining-car is and

book for the first service; I'm hungry. к Right, we shan't be long now, the signals are down and the

guard is blowing the whistle. He's waving his flag. We're off,


6. Supply the missing adverbs and prepositions:

1) What train are you going ...? 2) it's a non-stop train ...Bournemouth. 3) I'm Yakutsk... the midnight train. 4) The signal is up, ... the train. When the line is clear and the train is due to start, it will be ... . 5) I'll meet you ... the booking-of­fice. 6) Most of the passengers got... the train ... Tula. 7) The train began to slow ... and finally stopped. 8) We are due ... London ... six twenty. 9) At last the Moscow train came ... .

10) He is going ... a journey ... the Crimea. 11) He took the rack the things the porter had put ... them. 12) I bought a magazine ... the bookstall to read ... the train. 13) Does the 5.20
still run ... Tallinn ... odd days? 14) The train doesn't leave ...another 10 minutes. 15) He lowered the window and waved his hand ... a porter. J 6) We were only just... time ... the train, 17)How do you like to sit, facing the engine or ... your back .,. it?18)... the seats there is a rack ... light luggage, put the parcel...it. 19) He is going ... Rostov ... very important business. 20) Wewere walking ... and ... the platform. 21) He settled a cor­ner seat. 22) When I travel... pleasure I prefer to go ... train or ship. 23) The train stopped ... the platform and the passengers
got................................................................................ it. 24) Are you really all right... the journey? 25) Lug­gage for inland travelling is not registered ... England. You mustsee that the porter labels it and puts it... the guard's van ... you ... the end of your journey you must go ... the guard's van and see it taken out.

7. Supply words of the root "travel". Translate the sen­tences into Russian:

1) I was introduced to a young man ... to Paris. 2) She had decided that air ... was really rather boring and would not... by plane. 3) What did your ... expenses come to? 4) From outside came shrill distant notes of train whistles bringing the yearning for.... 5) She was like an elder sister to me, taking charge of... arrangements and tickets. 6) Are you fond of...? 7) He has ... all over Europe. 8) What a nuisance to ... alone with a party of children! 9) The long-distance coach was ... at a high speed. 10) I've done a certain amount of... and of all the means of trav­el I prefer... by air. 11)1 came by air. It's a wonderful way of.... 12) With a motor-car you can ... quickly and cheaply, but for

long journeys it's rather tiring. 13) ... by sea, is nowadays very comfortable and enjoyable.

8. Supply one of the following verbs:

come (in), go (out), pull in (out), get, get (in, out, on, off), trav­el, start, board, alight, leave, take, make, arrive, carry, pick up, change, catch.

1) I... to the platform two minutes before the train ... . 2) I ... the train just as it was ... out. 3) She ... a bus at the next cor­ner. 4) What time do we ... to Glasgow? 5) A fare is what a pas­senger pays to be ... from one place to another. 6) 1 ... by the 8.45. 7) Father made signs to us ... into the train without delay. 8) The next train is the last, if we miss that we shan't... to Mos­cow tonight. 9) The train ... at fifty miles an hour. 10) They ... the night train. 11) The taxi-driver... up another passenger and ... him as far as Victoria. 12) If the train doesn't ... till twenty past seven, you can't ... home before half past. 13) Though he ... the journey very often he always felt excited when the train was approaching Moscow. 14) Does the No. 10 bus ... along Kirov Street? 15) I don't like flying. I think it's more interest­ing to ... by train. 16) He gave up his ticket, and ... his own lug­gage to a station taxi. 17) Why do people usually avoid ... trains and try to ... seats on through trains? 18) Can you tell me how many passengers the Moscow Metro ... a day? 19) I'm glad you're ... on my train, we can ... together. 20) Airlines can ... heavy weights through the air.

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