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Match the word in A with the word in B.

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art gallery








traffic lights








Fill in the missing words.











9. 10. 11.

It's not far, only a 10 ... walk.

People cross the river ... the bridge.

Do you like travelling ... plane?

We can buy everything in our ... centre.

At the crossroads don't turn left or right, go straight

When the ... lights are red, we stop.

Take the first ... after the cinema.

I prefer to go home ... foot.

Go ... the corner of the hotel.

... right and go along the street.

The boats are passing ... the bridge.



4. Read and practise saying the dialogues. Make sure that you understood

1) Guest:Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the main post
office, please?

Receptionist:Well, it's in the city centre in Pushkinskaya street.

G: Is it far to walk?

R: Yes, you'd better take a bus. It's about 5 stops.

G: Where's the bus stop?

R: Turn left outside the hotel and go straight ahead until you get to the main road. There you will see traffic lights. Don't cross the street. The bus stop is on your left.

G: Thank you very much.

2) Guest:How can I find the market?

Receptionist:The Underground station is round the corner, but you will have to change the line on "Sadovaya" and then two stops to the market station. When you go out of the station cross the square, and you will see the entrance facing you.

3) Guest:I'm looking for the chemist's.

Receptionist:It's about five minutes on foot. When you go outside the hotel, turn left, go along the street, take the first right and you will find it around the corner.



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