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Read and practise saying the dialogues.

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1) Fairfax:Hello. Reception? This is Mrs Fairfax from 219. We have an urgent problem. Is there a doctor in the hotel?

Receptionist:No, I'm afraid there isn't. But we can call one quickly in an emergency. Aren't you feeling well?

F: It's not me. It's my husband. He has very bad pains in his chest.

R: I'll call the doctor at once. Can you describe any more symptoms?

F: Yes, his breathing is weak, but he doesn't seem to be running a temperature. It looks as if he's had a heart attack.

R: Right. I'll get in touch with the doctor immediately and pass that information on to him. I'll call you back as soon as I know what he can do.

2) Receptionist:Hello, Mrs Fairfax. The doctor said that he'd be here within twenty minutes. He said your husband should be kept warm.

Fairfax:Yes, I'll do that. Will you send the doctor up as soon as he comes?

R: Yes, of course I will, Mrs Fairfax.

3) Fairfax:This is Mrs Fairfax from 219 again. Thank you for getting the doctor so quickly. He gave my husband some drugs and he seems much better now. He also left a prescription, and said that the medicine should be taken three times a day. The problem is that I can't leave my husband.

Receptionist:We'll take care of the prescription, Mrs Fairfax. I'll send a porter up to your room.He'11 collect the prescription and take it to the chemist's straight away.

F: That's very kind of you. Thank you.

4) Receptionist:Good morning, Mrs Dupont. Is everything all right?

Guest:No, it's not. Someone's stolen some of my valuables — two rings and a gold watch.

R: I'm very sorry to hear that, madam. Where were they?

G: In my room. And the door was locked. It can be only one of your staff. I want my things back. And fast.

R: Well, I can certainly understand that you're upset about losing them and we'll do all we can to help. If they really are missing, it's a matter for the police.

G: What do you mean, "if they are missing"? I told you they were.

R: Yes, madam, but first I'll have one of the Housekeeping staff look through your room in case they're still there. But I must say we are not responsible for your valuables. You should have deposited the valuables with the Reception. It says so on the Key Card.

G: That's not good enough. I want to see the manager. Immediately.

R: I'll be glad to call the manager for you, madam, but he'll certainly say the same. We have very clear instructions about valuables and we must follow them.





Units 13—15. Stop and check. Variant I




Choose the objects — names of entertainments.

police, art gallery, drugstore, cinema, factory, zoo, university, restaurant, department store, nightclub, bank, park, baker's, disco, shopping centre, fitness centre

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