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XII. Analysing advertisements


Working in groups of three оr fоur, look through some recent magazines and newspapers and find two advertisements оf different brands of the same product. Use the following checklist to соmраrе the two advertisements уоu have chosen.

What аrе the target markets fоr the two advertisements? What benefits do the advertisements emphasize?

Соmраrе the language used in the slogans. Does it attract attention quickly? Is it humorous?

What technique is used in the text (оr сору) of each advertisement: is it factua1, does it contain а celebrity endorsement, is there nо text at all? Is the price mentioned?

Comment оn the artistic content of the advertisements (photography, special graphics, etc.)

Which advertisement do уоu think will sell the most products? Which is the most creative? Is there anything уоu would change in either of the ads?

Оnсе your group has answered these questions, present your analysis of the advertisements to the rest of the students and see if they agree with your interpretation. Yоu саn a1so present your findings in а short written composition. Ве sure to attach the ads to your рареr.

Unit 7.3.Advertising

I. Pre-reading task

Suggest a purpose for reading the text. What can the text be about? Give your own predictions

II. Read the text to fulfill the tasks

1. Marketing in different economic systems. Before selling the goods, you must do a lot of market research first. The information needed can be obtained from Russian embassies, consulates, and trade representations, from the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry and from the All-Russian Institute for Scientific Market Research, from trade associations and trade journals or from specialized consultant companies (who will do a professional market research job for you for a fee).

The information you are interested in is if there is any demand for your goods, what the market potential is, what sort of competition you will meet, i.e. how the price of your goods compares with other competitive products including those produced locally, local conditions and preference, local trading customs and habits, what seasonal factors should be taken into account and the like.

But in general marketing covers not only market research, but also planning the selection (assortment) of goods, and consequently the production itself, price policy, advertising and promotion of sales, controlling the sales and post-sales servicing.

So marketing is a system of running all the business activities of a company (organization) in respect of coordinating supply and demand for the goods produced. Originally marketing was meant to help avoid over-production in advanced capitalist countries.

Marketing may within the framework of socialist economy (for example, in China) as well enable to co-ordinate production and goods circulation (consumption of goods) for the purpose of using all the resources for the benefit of people and for covering in the best possible way all their needs (requirements).

2. Advertising as an important element of marketing. Advertising is an important means of promoting the goods that are being produced already as well as new lines in business.

There are specialized firms dealing with advertising. In our country it is V/O "Vneshtorgreklama" ("Rosvero"). Different kinds of mass media - TV, radio, newspapers, cinema, journals, magazines, posters, -are used for advertising goods. Special leaflets, booklets and other printed matter about the goods may be published for the same purpose. Participation in fairs and exhibitions helps promote our goods as well. Also, special advertising conferences may be held. The choice of media for advertising depends on the kind of goods and on the local conditions and people's habits: sometimes TV and radio ads are best, in other cases it may be trade journals or leaflets distributed among potential buyers.

Pay attention to the following business letter as a sample of advertising:


Lipetsk, 10th Dec, 2012


Mr Nasser,

the Egypt Machines Inc.,



Dear Sir,

In reply to your enquiry of the 3rd of December for our Tractors LTZ-145 we are happy to inform you that we can make you a firm offer subject to your acceptance until the 25th of December.

Tractors are delivered with all the accessories needed.

You must be aware that it is not in our practice to allow any trade discount, that is our price does not include any trade discount, nevertheless if you pay in cash, you will be granted a discount of up to 20 per cent off the price indicated in the pricelist. The amount of the discount depends on the number of tractors you are going to order.

We hope that you will be pleased both with the operation and performance of Tractors LTZ-145 and will place further orders with us.

For your information we would like to point out that a new model of Tractors LTZ-155 is being developed which will have a number of advantages as compared with the old one and will embody the latest achievements in tractor-building. We hope to put it into production late next year.

If you want to have any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,


Sales Manager


Text study

III. Learn the following words

trade discount - торговая (оптовая) скидка

consumption - потребление

benefit - выгода; польза; прибыль; преимущество

goods circulation – товарооборот

to allow - позволять

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