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Scan the passage for substitutes and repetitions and arrange them according to their semantic affinity.

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65 @ Following the stages, make up a new text and edit it as recommended. You can make use of the following link words:


Usage Linking words
Positive addition and, both …. and, not only….but also/as well, too, moreover, in addition to, furthermore, further, also, not to mention the fact that, besides  
Negative addition neither….nor, nor, neither, either  
Contrast but; not ….but, although, while, whereas, despite, even if, even though, on the other hand, in contrast, however, (and) yet, at the same time  
Similarity similarly, likewise, in the same way, equally  
Concession but, even so, however, (and) still, (and) yet, nevertheless, on the other hand, although, despite/in spite of, regardless of, admittedly, considering, whereas, while, nonetheless.  
Alternative or, on the other hand, either…or, alternatively  
Emphasis besides, not only this but….also, as well, what is more, in fact, as a matter of fact, to tell you the truth, actually, indeed, let alone, not only that  
Exemplification such as, like, for example, for instance, particularly, especially, in particular  
Clarification that is to say, specifically, in other words, to put it another way, I mean  
Cause/Reason as, because, because of, since, on the ground that, seeing that, due to, in view of, owing to, for, now that, so  
Manner as, (in) the way, how, the way in which, (in) the same way, as if, as though  
Condition if, in case, assuming (that) on condition (that), provided that) providing (that), unless, in the event (that), in the event of, as/so long as, whether, whether….or, only if, even if, otherwise, or (else), in case of  
Consequence of a condition consequently, then, under those circumstances, if so, if not, so, therefore, in that case, otherwise, thus  
Purpose so that, so as (not) to, in order (not) to, in order that, for fear (that)
Effect/result such/so…that, consequently, for this reason, as a consequence, thus, therefore, so  
Comparison as …as, (more)….that, half as …as, nothing like, the ….the, twice as …as, less…..than
Time when, whenever, as, while, now (that), before, until, after, since
Place where, wherever
Exception but (for), except (for), apart from
Relative who, whom, whose, which, what, that    
Chronological beginning: initially, first…, at first, to start/begin with, first of all, secondly…, after this/that, second…, afterwards, then, next, before this, concluding, finally, at last, in the end, eventually, lastly, last but not least  
Reference concerning, regarding, with respect/regard /reference to, in respect/regard/reference to this/to the fact that  
Summarising in conclusion, in summary, to sum up, as I have said, as (it) was previously stated, on the whole, in all, all in all, altogether, in short, briefly, to put it briefly .



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