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Глава 1. Основные сведения о языке UML

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[1] a group of words that is used like a verb and consists of a verb with an adverb or preposition after it, for example 'set off' or 'look after'.

[2] It is recommended that the exercises marked with an asterisk (*) should be roleplayed in class with the view to practising classroom expressions and training students for their student teaching. For reference, look at the appended section of Classroom Expressions.

[3] Though abandoned by many logicians, the traditional view is that deduction proceeds “from the general to the specific” or “from the universal to the particular whereas induction is a reverse process.

[4] Amnesty Internationalis an international organization headquartered in London that seeks to inform public opinion about violations of human rights. In 1977 Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

[5] Quidditch – a sport similar to basketball on broomsticks, a term coined by the author.

[6] Officer of the British Empire is a member of a British order of knighthood, although this rank does not confer knighthood.

[7] Climax as a syntactical device should not be confused with climax as a component of plot structure.

[8] In poetry inversion may be used not only to achieve emphasis, but also satisfy the demands of the metre.

[9] Please note that the words hero and heroine are only used when they deserve to be called so. Another word for character is protagonist. The word doesn’t take any adjectives like ‘central’, ‘main’ or ‘major’ and is normally used by itself. For example, “We see a change in the protagonist’s spiritual development…. .

Глава 1. Основные сведения о языке UML

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