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In the eyes of many Palestinians their President is a traitor because he

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A has been embraced by Israel's Prime Minister

B shaked hands and smiled with US President

C shaked hands and smiled with Israel's Prime Minister

10. Hamas leaders say that Abu Mazen’s people
A are very helpful as mediators between Israel and Palestine

B collaborate with Israel and the spies of America.

C collaborate with America and the spies of Israel



T1- Variant 2

The presenter says that Israeli forces killed

A 17 Palestinians, including three Cypriots

B 17 Palestinians, including three civilians.

C 70 Palestinians, including three civilians


The described military action took place in

A the Israeli territory

B the Gaza Strip territory

C neither


Israeli party to the conflict claims

A to defend itself against continued air raids from the Gaza Strip

B to defend itself against bombings

C to defend itself against continued rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

George W. Bush left Israel


A four days before the attack

B four days after the attack

C was in Israel when the attack was launched

It was predicted that Israel would launch the attack


A during US President’s visit

B after George W. Bush left

C on the first day of his visit


The father whose son was killed believes that

A US President promotes peace and friendship between the parties to the conflict

B US President encouraged the Israeli to kill the Palestinian people

C US President encouraged the Palestinian to kill the Israeli people

7. Hamas has taken responsibility for

A gunfire murders

B a small arms fire

C a barrage of rockets over the last 24 hours


Palestinian president has called this action

A a cold-blooded murder of the Palestinian people

В a serious political mistake

С the greatest scandal of the time

9 . Palestinian President is in difficult position because his people didn’t like it when

A he was embraced by the US President

B he was embraced by Israel’s Prime minister

C he shaked hands with George W. Bush

10. Former Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh
A approves of Palestinian President’s course

B disapproves of Palestinian President’s course

C justifies his actions




T2 -Variant 1

The admission to EU for Bulgaria

A was easy

B took place at Number 10 Downing street

C was not easy, but earlier than it was expected

Enlarging the EU for Great Britain at that time

A could have been beneficial

B could have been threatening

C didn’t mean anything

In 2004 the EU

A forbade 10 countries to join the EU

B allowed 3 countries to join

C admitted a number of East European states

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