Paraphrase the title of the news report. Provide 2- 3 titles of your own.

  1. Divide text 12A into logical parts and give each a suitable title.
  2. Education in the United States is provided mainly by the ___, with control and funding coming from federal, state and local levels.
  3. Group these names into these two columns. Provide some arguments to justify your decision.
  4. Look at the text title and complete the sentences according to their possible occurrence in the text.
  5. Look at the text title and complete the sentences according to their possible occurrence in the text.
  6. Paraphrase the following sentences using the words in bold.
  7. Task 13. A. Match the following titles with the corresponding passages of the text.
  8. Task 13. A. Match the titles with the corresponding passages of the first text.

3. Listen and decide who is who?

Name Position
Peter Cave a North America correspondent
Vox Pop a presenter
Kim Landers a famous statesman
John F. Kennedy a senior analyst at the National Security Archive
Peter Kornbluh general public


C Comprehension Test 1

1. Fidel Castro is A resigning after 50 years in power B is beginning to fail to cope with his duties C is ailing after being robust for half a century 2. Fidel Castro is famous for A substantive speeches B untidy military uniform C his impressive military parades
3. He managed to A attempt a partial invasion of the USA B inspire some assassination plots against US leaders C rule his country in spite of all adverse steps against Cuba 4. He subjected the globe to the threat of nuclear war because he allowed the USSR A deploy their troops on the island for 13 days B withdraw their ballistic missiles from Cuba C put the offensive weapons in the country
5. John F. Kennedy in his speech argued that the presence of offensive weapons in Cuba A constitutes an implicit threat to the USA B is an obvious threat for US security C is an unmasked danger for the whole region 6. Public got to know about his resignation the news that Fidel Castro is resigning as President. A from TV news B from Cubas Communist newspapers web page C from a Cuban Communists website  
7. Most leaders of his kind dont step down unless   A they get poisoned through a cup of coffee B they die or overthroned C they are replaced by military officers 8. The Bushs policy A was to put an end to Castros power B was to make him to had the power over to his brother C was to prevent Rauls from being the next Cubas head
9. The next president of the United States might   A have to conduct a far from pragmatic policy B be carrying out a policy of civil relation C be opposing normal relations with Cuba 10. Reaction among Cuban Americans A was the same as 19 months ago B was weaker than 19 months ago C was as boisterous as 19 months ago


B Comprehension Test 2


Part 1

1. How long has Fidel Castro been in power?

2. How old was he in 2008?[2]Why did he find it necessary to hand power over to his brother?

3. What groups of people were observed to see their reaction to the news about Castros resignation?



Part 2


North America correspondent Kim Landers reports.

KIM LANDERS: Fidel Castro is a revolutionary icon - famous for his rumpledgreen militaryfatigues, his beard, his long speeches and the cigars he once smoked.

(Fidel Castro speaking)

KIM LANDERS: During his 49 years in power hes dodgedeverything his enemies threw at him - a US invasion bid, assassinationplots and a trade embargo.

He even took the world to thebrinkof nuclearwar when he letMoscowputballistic missiles in Cuba leading to a 13-daystand-off between president John F. Kennedy and the Soviets.

JOHN F. KENNEDY: By the presence of these large, long range and clearly offensive weapons of sudden mass destruction constitutes anexplicit threatto the peace and security of all the Americas.


Part 3

(Extract from television from Cuba)

PETER KORNBLUH: Most leaders of his kind dont leave officeexceptin a coffinor during a militarycoup and he is now going out on his own terms, securing a smooth transition to his brother and to a younger generation of leadership.

KIM LANDERS: Peter Kornbluh is a senior analyst at the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

He says the Bush administrations policy of trying to stop Fidel Castro from transferringpower to his 76-year-old brother Raul, obviously hasnt worked.

PETER KORNBLUH: And that plan has failed as has everysingle effort of the United States - paramilitary intervention, CIA assassination plots, economic embargoes, you name it. Those have failed.

Other countries have adopted a much more rational approach to Cuba and they have more influence in Cuba and I think the next president of the United States is going to be pushedin the direction of a far more pragmatic policy ofcivilrelations, normal relations with Cuba.

Part 4

KIM LANDERS: In the Little Havana section of Miami, a huge Cuban flag has been hung between two palm trees and motorists arehonkingtheir hornsas they drive down the main street.

But reaction among Cuban Americans hasnt been as boisterous as when Fidel Castro temporarily handed power to his brother 19 months ago.

VOX POP: I think this is a great day for all of us if we take advantage of it, because today with his resignation is accepting hes out of power.

VOX POP: I remain sceptical until his brother die and then it will be a close proximity to the states and maybe things will change but I dont see any change so far.

KIM LANDERS: Fidel Castro remains the head of the Communist Party in Cuba for thetime being and he says hell continue to write his newspaper column.

Its as if hell go from Commander-in-Chief to Commentator-in-Chief as one dictator is replaced by another.

This is Kim Landers in Washington for AM



A Comprehension Test 3


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