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Listen to the Webcast Ice use drops, heroin use rises and do the exercises.

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Name Position
1) Christopher Pyne a) presenter
2) Michael Turtle's b) the Salvo's detox centre client
3) Louisa Degenhardt c) Youth Affairs Reporter
4) Graham Drew d) the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.
5) Elizabeth Jackson e) The charity's representative
6) John f) Minister for drug problems


C – Comprehension Test 1

1 The statistics show A a drop in use of cannabis B a decline in use of crystal methathetamine Ca rise in the use of ice. 2 The staff of the detox centre note A more people addicted to ice B a drop-off in the numbers of heroin users C less ice -addicted patients
3 The experts suggest that drop in the use of ice is affected by A sharing experience of about its effect B shrinking supply of the drug C crackdown on the drug dealers 4 A patient from the detox centre says that when he used ice he A went mad B wasn’t aggressive C tried to burn himself
5 Michael Turtle says the annual drug figures show that A heroin is forbidden again B heroin is back C use of ice is more common today   6 Professor Degenhardt believes   A heroin becomes available B ice is less easy to get C new drugs replaced heroin  
7 The availability of heroin may be linked to A increased production B lack of governmental control C emigration from Afghanistan 8 Christopher Pyne claims the drop in use of ice can be referred to A increase in deaths B a very firm line on the use of illicit drugs C the education campaign
9 The Government policy against the use of illicit drugs was A too indecisive B tough C lenient   10 The decrease in use of ice might be due   A to the media influence B new legislation in the field C new medication


B – Comprehension Test 2


Part 1

What do figures show?

What is the chemical name of drug called ”ice”?

What is the sphere of Michael Turtle coverage?



Part 2

MICHAEL TURTLE: At the Salvation Army's __________________________________________in Sydney's Surry Hills, there are 10 beds.

The charity's Graham Drew says recently ______________________a change in the drugs that people using those beds are seeking help for.

GRAHAM DREW: Well, I've asked some of our _________________________________and they said over the last few weeks there has been a … they have noticed a trend where there are _________________in the numbers of people coming in ________________________and, correspondingly, _____________________________________________in the number of people using heroin.



Part 3

MICHAEL TURTLE: And that fits with the latest data from the National ________________

___________________Research Centre.

The centre's Louisa Degenhardt says there's been a trend away from ice, and that's probably because it's now got______________________________________________.

LOUISA DEGENHARDT: And I think it's just experience. I mean, there's a lot of people who have had ____________________________of using the drug, because they've developed problems with it or it's had _____________________negative effects. And I think it's about people learning that there are risks and choosing not to take them.


Part 4

MICHAEL TURTLE: At the Salvo's detox centre, John has ________________________________for his ice addiction, and he knows all about the negative effects it has.

JOHN: And I've seen myself, like, a few friends ___________and absolutely just been____________, _______________________aggressive, just going out looking to _______________________looking to get into fights, looking to destroy things, just going along, like people will just set fires in otto bins and just let them __________________________________________________on the ground, like just ____________________________________and aggression really.

MICHAEL TURTLE: The annual drug figures, though, show that heroin ___________________

_____________________________more commonly again.

_______________________________years since the heroin drought was credited with slowing the use of the drug, and Professor Degenhardt believes the ________________________may be on the rise again.

This is probably linked with increased production in places like_____________________________.

For the Federal Government, it presents _________________________________________________

Part 5


The Minister responsible for_____________________________, Christopher Pyne, claims some credit for the drop in ice.

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: Look, I think it's a combination of factors. One would be the_____________

___________________________ that the Government has run, recently of course on the television but also publicly over the last few years we've taken a very __________ line on the use of ________drugs, and particularly with respect to ice.

I think the media has played an important part in __________________________________the dangers of ice, and obviously drug users are responding to that, which is______________________________.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: And that's Christopher Pyne ending Michael Turtle's report.


A – Comprehension Test 3


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