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In class

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1. Listen to the Webcast Obama’s Landmark Speech and do the exercises.


C-Comprehension Test (1 variant)

Listen and choose the write answer. Put the letter of your choice into the box below.

1. President Obama made his speech   A in Israel B in Palestine C in Egypt     2.Mr. Obama realizes that this speech   A will eradicate mistrust between the West and the Islamic world B may not put an end to years of mistrust C will make the Islamic world trust the USA  
3. The reporter says that Obama     A spoke in a very pleasant voice B chose the right tone for the statement C sang US hymn with the band in the airport     4. People expected Barack Obama to A promote these relationship B outline the strategy for Israel and Palestine C redefine the relationship between Islam and the West  
5. US President want Muslims to understand that A US-Islam relations are exclusive B The USA and Islam have no need to compete C mutual interest and mutual respect are not exclusive     6. Barack Obama condemned   A unfair treatment of Arab nations in the past B colonialism C Arab nations for being proxies in the Cold War    
7. US President says he ordered to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay A but to close it next year is too early B by early June C as a step to eradicate tortures in the USA   8. Barack Obama asked Israel A to stop building Jewish neighbourhoods B not to build Jewish settlements on land claimed by Palestine C to build settlements for the Palestinians  
9. Addressing Palestinians he insisted that they should   A abandon the idea of their own state B stop violence C succeed through resistance       10. Some people are not enthusiastic about this speech, because   A they want words to become deeds B they don’t believe President Obama C they don’t think anything would change after it  


C-Comprehension Test (2 variant)

Listen and choose the write answer. Put the letter of your choice into the box below.


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