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Match the names with the positions.

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Names Positions
1) Rafael Epstein PhD from Kings College in London
2) Michael Chertoff Scotland Yard's counter terrorism chief
3) Peter Yates Head of the US Department of Homeland Security
4) Peter Neumann Europe correspondent

3.What kind of program is visa waiver program? Who and what is it for?


C – Comprehension Test 6

1. People travelling to America from Europe will soon А be more thoroughly checked В become the major source of terrorism С secure tougher checks 2. The head of the US Department of Homeland Security told the BBC that A they remember all terrorist acts B they are mindful of 2 bombings C they have to remember 1bombng and 2 attempted terrorist acts
3. He believes that terrorists look to Europe as A a platform for terrorist attacks B a target for terrorist acts C both 4. The person that worries US officials A worked from a small apartment in London B operated out of a small flat in Morocco C worked against the internet supporters of Islamism.
5. Irhabi 007 promoted terrorism by   A financial assistance B moral support C distributing information 6. Scotland Yard's counter terrorism chief says that Irhabi 007 A appointed a meeting with Al-Qaeda members through the Internet B was responsible for the connection of Al-Qaeda with other networks C was linking into Scotland Yard through the internet.
7. British officials are now concerned about A establishing a branch of Al-Qaeda in the UK B establishing a fully-fledged Al-Qaeda network C a posting that talks about establishing an Al-Qaeda in the UK 8. The site A called Muslims to kill political leaders except Gordon Brown B called Muslims to kill political leaders C cited Gordon Brown to call for killing terrorists
9. Dr Peter Neumann explained to the BBC that   A the website has no credibility among terrorists B the website has some trust among terrorists C the existence of the website doesn’t mean that there is any terrorist structure in GB 10. Analysts say the posting could have been A a signal to start a psychological warfare B a sign of al-Qaeda's waning influence Ca sign of increasing tension within the organization  

B – Comprehension Test 6

Part 1

1.What inconveniencies may people travelling from Europe to America face in the near future? Why?

2. What facts urged counter terrorism officials to announce the possible toughening security measures?


Part 2

Europe correspondent, Rafael Epstein reports.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Fly to the US from the Middle East and even with a visa you could face weeks of __________________________.
But if you fly there with a European passport, under the ______________________________the first time the US gets to check up on you when you land at the airport.

Now European visitors may have to ________________________before they ______________the United States. As Michael Chertoff, head of the US Department of_________________________told the BBC.

MICHAEL CHERTOFF: We've watched the rise of _______________________terrorism. We are obviously____________the Madrid bombings, the attempted bombings in Germany, the airplane plot of 2006.

And that suggests to us that the terrorists are _____________looking to Europe both as a target and as a platform for terrorist attacks.

Part 3

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: On the same day, full details emerged of the sort of person that worries US officials.

Operating out of a small flat in West London, Moroccan born Younes Tsouli spent years becoming one of the__________________________________________supporters of violent Islamism.

Using the online name of Irhabi 007 or Terrorist 007, he published manuals on topics like________________, he _________________________________for people in Europe, the US and Bosnia, who said they wanted to launch attacks, and he helped al-Qaeda in Iraq to distribute their internet videos to a wider audience.

Part 4

Scotland Yard's counter terrorism chief Peter Yates.
PETER YATES: He, I think it's not unreasonable to say, provided a link between core al-Qaeda, the heart of al-Qaeda and the wider networks that he was _______________through the internet.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: While _______________was sentenced for helpinga_______________al-Qaeda__________________, British officials are now concerned about__________________________on a website herethat talked about establishing a much less formalised Al-Qaeda in the UK.


Officials say they've been looking into activity on a _______________________________internet site that urged young Muslims in Britain to kill political leaders, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown

As Dr Peter Neumann from Kings College in London explained to the BBC.

PETER NEUMANN: It was certainly published on a website that has some credibility amongst______________. At the same time, a lot of these statements are_____________. It doesn't mean, I think, that there is an actual structure in place. That there are________________________operating in this country - that would surprise me very much.

RAFAEL EPSTEIN: Analysts say the posting could have been the equivalent of simple_________________________, a sign of al-Qaeda's____________________or a sign of its future___________________.


A – Comprehension Test 6


1) Why did the USA decide to undertake tougher security measures regarding Europeans travelling to the USA?

2) What may Europeans be asked to do before they fly to the USA?

3) What considerations make the US Department of Homeland Security suggest that Europeans can pose a threat for the USA?
4) What person has become the reason for particular concern of the US Homeland Security Department?

5) What was his on-line name? What kind of activity was he preoccupied with? 6) What was his main role as an internet al-Qaeda supporter?
7) What are British officials now concerned about?

8) What is Dr Peter Neumann’s opinion about the terrorist site?
9) What do analysts say about the credibility of the information provided by the posting on the terrorist site?

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